Plow Damage, Seed / Soil or sod, Dimension?????

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by BeautifulBlooms, May 4, 2008.

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    I have quite a few areas to repair from last winters plow damage. I am wondering since some of these customers of mine have other people doing their fert and W.C. if I have to reapir the areas with sod because of a prior application of Dimension? How long do I have to wait?

    If the damage fromt he plow is a few inches deep will the Dimension still inhibit the seed germination if i am putting in a few inches of topsoil wherever I am seeding, or would it only inhibit the seed germination if I seeded right on the surface where the chemical barrier has been established?

    It said on the label to wait 4-6 months to re-seed which is impossible in this situation and i am just wondering if I should just go the route of sodding instead of seeding to avoid any possible warranty Iw ould have to do should the seed not germinate>?

    Anyone with experience in this?
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    Apply the topsoil and seed and call it a day. If they do not water it, or their squirt guy kills the seeds than the owner is at fault, not you. You tried to repair and you can not control what the homeowner does. Ive had this problem many times. Even on new lawn installs. As for it contaminating the topsoil, I find it does in some cases to some degree. Areas I usually see it are on the edges where it is very thin. Never experienced it when the layer was 2" thick.
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    I'd go with the sod..... and send them the bill.
    Nothin' like instant results to remedy the "bad news" a snow plow had delivered !!

    Before you lay the sod (or) sow the some extra " scratchin' & diggin' " to somewhat dramatically disturb the pre-emergent barrier by REALLY "going into" lateral zones of soil that were otherwise unaffected by the chemical(s).

    In this're "diluting" the A.I. of the Dimension... to the point to which it (probably) won't play in as a factor.

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