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Plow for Exmark

Michael Fronczak

LawnSite Member
Rochester NY
The old Exmark catalog used to hove plows and snowblowers on the last page or so, its not in the new one, these were aftermarket manufacturers, listed with the vacum system, made by Bluebird, I don't know who made the plows.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern, Maine
I know Toro and Walker have plows and Walker came out with a bucket for front. I would see how different the Toro's are from the Exmark's to see if one of those will work.


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey Dig, I thought you were going to sell me that thing!


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
How do you guys use lawn equipment for snow work without the carb and intake getting all iced up with snow, among other problems?


LawnSite Senior Member
My main problem is that this is a 72" machine and is physically wider than most side walks. Got thinking today about putting a back drag blade on the front,oh well got plenty of time to goof around.

Storm you wouldn't want this old thing after it's been used as a plow,by the way got the thrower on my walk behind yesterday,what an awsome machine.

Dave we blew the first stand,just wasn't set up for the power of the Boss plow pumps.Were ready now though,we have a diesel powered generator set up as a comparison unit,hard to have good results with out a comparable unit to use as a control.