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    PLOW-700obo & SNOWBLOWER-500obo sutech mower - 500 obo **ALL NEGOTIABLE**

    I have recently found myself with a snow plow that i bought from a good friend. i had the attitude of adding snow removal to my business's job description but recently got a winter only job offer that i cant pass up on...i am still doing the lawn stuff in the summer..the plow is in good condition.

    The plow is a 8 foot western pro plow..not sure on year but i would say 95-97..has the lights, the harnesses, the new romote control joystick(370$ new), the hydraulics, has a new blade on it basically has everything you would need besides the vehicle mount which any truck would need to get anyways. i sold mine for a good price that is why i dont have mine from my dodge. it is possible for me to get a mount for an older dodge (94-02) from my friend if you need that is just sitting on a truck but would needed to be tourched off, haha, those suckers really stick on there once they've been on. anyways, the plow is in full working condition. the only bad cosmetics on it is on the upper left hand side of the plow, there are some rust spots that went through...not much but doesnt effect how it plows at all...if you want i can weld a steel backing in the spot but it really doesnt effect how it plows at all, the ting is a beast. looking for $700 obo

    secondly, i have a sutech commericial 33 inch mower. It has a briggs commercial on it. it used to cut and run excellent but a rod recently broke on it. i bought a new gravely so i really have no use for the mower. if someone would put 100$-300$(depends on if you do the work or someone else) of money into it, it would be a great mower again. looking for $500 obo...negotiable, i paid 1500$ for has a grass catcher with it too.

    lastly, i have a MTD big mofo snowblower...this thing is really a beast and in immaculate condition..i originally bought it for $1400...believe it is a 02 but could pass for an 07. has the heated handle grips, 9 hp tecumseh engine, 28" clearing path, joystick controls for the snow chute. looking for $500 kinda firm on that price but make a deal if you package anything.

    i can have pictures for you if you are interested...just give me an email and ill get back with you

    also, i am willing to cut a deal if you want to buy one or more...and im also open to trading...ATV, snow mobile, camper, MOTORCYCLE, ENCLOSED TRAILER, dump trailer, commercial mowers, lawn customers etc...5*8*6*6*0*4*8*2*1*0* Kyle around the sterling heights area.

    and the one pic of the plow isnt my picture or my plow, but thats exaclty what my plow looks like...sorry for whoevers picture i used.. if i can get my camera working again i will post my own...thank you:waving:

    snowblower 3.jpg

    plow controller.jpg

    western #1.jpg

    western #2.jpg
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