1. nsmilligan

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    Here's a couple of tips that I use to help me see a little better when plowing. First, spray your wiper blades with a product called Dry Silicone,by 3M, Lift the wipers arms off the windshield, on most vehicles they will stay out on their own when lifted far enough, and give them a good coating, allow to dry for a few minutes, if it's cold or wet out I take mine off and indoors. Once sprayed snow and ice will not build up on the blade, it will last for two or three stroms.<br>Second give your windows (side and rear) as well as mirrors and headlights a good application of a product like Wynns Rain-away READ the directions It makes the glass alot easier to scrap off if ice does form.<br>Happy plowing!<br>Bill
  2. DaveO

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    I use Rainx on all the windows and mirrors. The snow or sleet barely sticks and makes the wipers job easier. For best results reapply about every two weeks. I'll have to remember to do the headlights now!!
  3. plowking35

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    I use Rain X also and I agree it is the best, although I dont like the Fog X&gt; It didnt work to great for me.<br>Dino

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