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  1. Yardworks

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    I have always just put a good coat of wax on my plows to help keep the snow from sticking. Is there any other products around that work good for this purpose. Some old timer told me to spray plows with WD-40, but I was reluctant to do it. I was worried about WD-40 snow would do to the lawns. There is probably not enough there to hurt anything but I like to be on the safe side....

    FIREMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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  3. sam c

    sam c LawnSite Member
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    see if you can pick a piece of teflon. go to a guy that has dumptrailers they use it to line the bodys, he,ll probably give you a used piece. cut it to fit and bolt it on! it will last for ever and it`s slik as ice!
  4. NEAL

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    I have used WD-40 before it works ok but you need to apply it often. The bigger benefit will be rust resistance. I sprayed WD-40 on all parts of my last plow and it helped keep the rust away.

  5. Yardworks

    Yardworks LawnSite Member
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    I found out my Boss is a lot easier to put on when it's all lubed up with WD-40
  6. finnegan

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    would you use the teflon like a plow shield?
  7. Skookum

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    I found some wax with Teflon in it. It was listed as marine wax and in the sporting goods section of a Meijers. It has worked well so far for me this year, but I do not do enough production removals right now to say it is the best. But, it seems to work very well so far.
  8. sam c

    sam c LawnSite Member
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    hey finnegan; iwas refering to lining the blade with the teflon, but i suppose you could run it up past the top of the blade to work as a shield,it might need some support depending on its thickness. as for the sprays and waxes, the only thing that`s worked for me is a nice imron paint job,as i do all commercial work at higer speeds. they may work for driveways for a while.
  9. Skookum

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    Hey I just seen some Teflon spray coating in a catalog. Only problem, you have to bake it in your oven. My plow will not fit in my oven.

    If anyone's got a nice big commercial oven, Might work?
  10. Dusty

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    Go see your local pizza maker. His oven should be large enough. Now how do you know when it is done??????????

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