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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by EBHC, Aug 10, 2012.

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    I'm looking for advice on the best way to set our DW 410 to plow 2" PVC in mostly clay soils.

    Currently we have the duel wheel set up. The outer 4 wheels are foam filled which adds a lot of weight.
    The inner wheels are not weighted/ filled. One of my thoughts is for best traction we should get the inner tires filled. Opinions?
    Something I've always wondered is would the other version of 410 tires (taller and only a single instead of duel) offer better traction? It seams that with my duel wheel set up I'm spreading the weight out over 8 tires instead of 4 - floating instead of digging in.

    I intend to pre plow as needed and have experience plowing 2". It's just that we're headed into 2 large commercials where I can plow a lot of 2" and save time and have less destruction.
    My goal is to have my plow optimized before I get to the site and not spend time on the job trying to figure these things out.

    Years back I used a LM 42 to plow quite a lot of 2" and had great results but I can't remember the plow set up. I can't believe the DW is any less powerful?

    Let me have your opinions and anything that has worked for you.
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    Obviously, the LM42 has single wheels.

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