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plowing opportunities


LawnSite Member
For what its worth, my company subscribes to the New York State Contract Reporter. We have several jobs that we are vendors for. <p>Over the past two weeks there has been three bids set out for snow plowing. <p>I can fax anyone who is interested a copy of the bid information and you then can do with it as you please. <p>Two of them are for the Albany area, and the other one reads sorta like this:<br>19 200680 Snon Removal Services<br>Description: Snow removal services for Metro-North Railroad train yards and/or stations/parking lots located in New Haven, Danbury, North White Plains, Brewster, Brewster North, pearl River, Nanuet, Sloatsburg, Tuxedo, harriman, Salisbury Mills, Campbell Hall, middletown, Otisville and port Jervis. There is a $100.00 non-refundable fee for te bid documents. Please contact Chris Sefcik at (212( 340-3903 to make arrangements to view or purchase the document. Minority business subcontracting goal: 0%. Woman owned business subcontacting goal: 0%<br>Proposal Due: 08/18/2000 3:00 PM. etc etc<p>If anybody is interested in this or the others, just reply to this forum, with your FAX number, and I'll do my best to get these notices to you so you can decide for yourselves if they are for you or not. I see these all the time in this book that comes out once per week. Interested great if not I'm just relating potential information.<p>vince

n y snow pros

LawnSite Senior Member
Vince,I am very interested in these stations as we are quoting 4 Metro-North stations now that are not on the list you mentioned.My fax number is 914-473-1912.Thanks for the help and i will be in touch soon about your edges.


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Rochester NY
Vince Im from Rochester NY .I was wondering how I could subscribe to that NY Contract Report.Is it for all of NY state?Any info would be appreciated.Thanks.


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ny snowman and ny snow pro's. there were two (2) more opportunities on this weeks contract reporter. I sent them over to the SIMA office to put on our bulletin board. I'll check later on tonight and get the telephone numbers to call.

Snowman, my email is vincentp@mail.tds.net send me your email address and I'll send you an email as to how to get a contract reporter.

I'm also sure that other states have similar opportunities. I know that in the early spring they are looking for lawn and garden types also.

Snow pro's give Dino a call, I left the reporter with him on Friday when I visited him. He can give you the information over the phone. If you don't hear from him let me know.