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Plowing S10 Jimmy/Blazer .

AB Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Well after alot of reasearch(thanks to the search feature on lawnsite),I am thinking of picking up either a 4x4 S10 or Jimmy/Blazer.From what I understand the S10 pickup and jimmy are the same just one with a bed and one without.From what I have read in posts here,I should be looking for a 4.3 auto.

I would really like to hear for anyone who plows/or had plowed with these truck.How reliable where they????How well did they preform.Is there anything I shold avoid??????

Any help would be great.I want to know as much as possible about this truck before I start plowing with one.Thanks in advance!!!

Also John DiMartino,Alan and mdb landscaping.I would really like to here your thoughs one plowing with these trucks.Could you give me some input??????

John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
I only have plowed with a 2.8 auto,it plowes like a champ,no problems at all,in fact i honestly think it out push a F/size truck sometimes,it does excellent.I just mounted a plow on a S10 Blazer and i havent plowed with it yet,but when I do ill let you know how it does.I can tell already that it doesnt handle the weight as good as the old 84 did.The rear end looks like its going to come of the ground and the front end is low,but not on the stops,may have to put a couple 80 lb sand bags in the back and crank the bars up a turn or 2.



LawnSite Member
I have a 1994 s-15 jimmy 4dr. I bought a 6.5 ft western (used) standard plow this past summer. I ended up selling the plow opting not to plow at all this year. I never plowed with it but I can tell you that I had to crank up the torsion bars just about all the way to counter the sagging. this will make it hard to align the front end so keep that in mind. Also know that Western no longer sells their unimount sport utility for these trucks because the federal government says the front axle capacity is too light.Although Meyer still lists a 6.5 ft plow for it.

There is a guy that plows comercially here in Lake Geneva and he has been using an s-10 4dr blazer with a Western unimount standard plow I asked him how it worked once and he said it worked good.

One last bit, there is a company out west that sells a solid front axle conversion for s-10's. Costs about $1500 for the kit and you need to get a jeep front axle to put on it. Provides 5 inches of lift in the process. Seems with this setup you could have a pretty neat little bulletprooff drive or small lot setup.



LawnSite Senior Member
northeast ,ohio
i plowed w/ a 91 s-10 blazer for two years, worked very well i had a two meter meyer with wings on it the small truck was very, very maneauverable in tight locations, it also had the 4.3 a real power house for a light vehicle

the only downsides were that it was not heavy enough for heavy wet snow or more than 6 inches plenty of engine not enough weight the only other prob i had were the torsion bar mounts(very similar to motor mount or trans mount)they would break often from weight on front end it would not shut the truck down but would then continually make a loud click or bang when turning cheap to fix but shows how some of the parts were not meant to be plowing/abused



LawnSite Member
I have been plowing with a 93 S15 4 door Jimmy for 6 years (128,000 miles and still going strong). I use a Snoway 6'8 plow which is a little lighter than other plows, I reccomend this plow due to being lighter in weight, its also an awesome plow too with the down pressure. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't reccomend driving around all winter with the plow hooked up. I have never had any major problems from plowing, but you will over the life go threw much acclerated front end wear. As far as drivetrain with a 4L60 tranny and 4.3 200 HP vortech this truck is tough in that department and plows like crazy with a very tight turning radius. My friend also has a 95 S10 Blazer with Snoway and has had no major problems. We were both highly advised against plowing with these trucks and had many places refuse to put on a meyers or western. We went ahead anyways and couldn't be more happy. Check some old post as there is member on here that uses a couple of S10's with 8 foot Snoway with good results. I believe him as I have only had to put the truck in 4low once in 6 years. As far as years starting in 92 you get the benefit of the 200 HP vortech, so thats my reccomendation.


Originally posted by MRPLOW
Check some old post as there is member on here that uses a couple of S10's with 8 foot Snoway with good results. .
That's me, and this is the fourth season on oen and third on another, both are 8 foot Sno-Way now, we ran a 6'8" the first year on the first S-10. Conventional thinking was small truck, small plow. Doesn't have to be that way, 8' Sno-Way is about the same weight as the "proper" Fisher plow for that chassis, and nobody thinks twice about a 6'something plow on a small truck. Torsion bar mounts do catch hell, but I think those are a weak point in these trucks anyhow. I've gotten good at changing them, knock out the center stud and tack a nut in it's place, then you can change them with no problems getting clearance installing the new one. Other than that they push as well as a full size does. Run Cooper Weathermaster snow tires and you will get all the traction you can from the weight you have.


LawnSite Member
Upstate,New York
I used an 1987 S-10 blazer with a 2.8 auto for a couple of years.
Never had any problems with the truck or the plow.Installed a unimount 6 1/2 plow and it would out push most other trucks doing driveways(more nimble)

I just took the plow off of that truck and put it on an 1997 S-10 zr2 4.3 liter auto with slight modifications.(Mostly because of where the oil fliter is now)
Western stopped selling/listing after 1996 and so did Fisher. Thats why I retrofitted it to my newer truck.

As far as the torsion bars mounts when I worked for the chevy dealer here in Albany we used to change them all the time under warranty( very poor design) they changed it so the newer trucks have a different style, which should help them to hold up better.


D.G. Enterprises


Originally posted by bdemir

I did not understand what you meant by "no one thinks twice about a 6' blade on a samll truck"

Meaning that a small blade is fine or 6' blades are too small and undesirable. Im new at this.
What I meant was that if I was running the "right size" plow on the S, a 6 foot something, the "experts" would not see anything wrong with that, but hang an 8' and you start getting all the rasons you can't do that.

If the weight is the same, and it is quite close with my Sno-Way 8' to a 6'6" Fisher or Western, what's the problem? I've been told all sorts of reasosn why I can't do it, most of them don't make sense to me so I just keep on pushing.


LawnSite Senior Member

You have inspired me to go out and look for a toyota 4x4.
I have found a few and will be calling around to find out if a plow can go on one of these. I love theses trucks and have heard great things about them. They dont cost 25k like new plow trucks do and you can have a fleet of them without spending alot and they are durable as hell. thanks for the help.