plowing with full size blazer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by crew, Jun 22, 2000.

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    lots of good stuff here.
    I know a few guys in my town use blazers, & they're great for res. work & smaller parking lots like Mc'Ds, gas stations etc.
    As for 700r4, I love em. Just don't use them when pulling a trailer or plowing, & you'll have the added bonus of OD when normal driving. That helps MPG.
    Also, gear ratio shouldn't be that big an issue, cuz when you plow anything subtantial you should be in low range anyways, which should give you plenty of pushing power. However, a ratio in the 3's should be desirable if you have a choice, like 3.23, 3.42, or 3.73. Get into mid 3's if you can (or more).
    Dittos on versatility of blazer; not great for mowing, but can pull a trailer at least, & I don't have many huge parking lots so I use a red earthway push salt spreader that cost $20 at Farm & fleet, & paid for itself many times over last winter. I even ran my salt route with our minivan, cuz the salt was in the back. Most times I threw it in the back of the truck & away we go. Plus beats $800 plus for a tailgate spreader, which I happened to get one last year also so I can use it on the long bed & keep the push spreader in the short bed so I can keep a small truck for driveways.
    Oh yeah I almost forgot. A good idea would be to have an extra leaf added to the front leaf spring setup on each side. This will help carry the extra load of plow weight, which 1/2 ton chevy's were not intentioned to support the extra weight in stock form. This will bring the front end up about 2-3 ", so I put a 3" lft kit for my rear axle as well, & it sits nice all the way around. Extra leafs cost $125 out the door, & a 3' lift kit cost me $37.95 & I installed it myself. So $170 for a 3" lift & it looks good too.

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    I plowed with a 78 Blazer with a 400 smallblock for almost 6 years. You definately want to add a leaf in the front to help with the weight of the plow. The 400 did not handle the plow that well even with a four core radiator as it ran hot alot although you could not stop it in heavy snow.I plowed snow up to the passenger windshield when we use to get major snow. Went to a 1985 blazer with a 305 engine. Stay away from those years. It lacked power and was a poor combination.It was not half the blazer as the old one. Definately stick with a reliable 350 engine. The blazer's are great in small tight area's.

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