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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Flyerwillmow4u, Nov 12, 2005.

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    I live in Cabot, AR and have been reading about how suceptable to thatch Bermuda grass is. I also have a small lawn service. I have read that if the grass is spongy, it may have a small layer of thatch. I have checked the soil and have found a small layer in my grass and my neighbors. I was going to buy a plug aerator to do my yard, but i will also use it for my customers yards. What do you all think about using it and how much do you charge for something like that. What should i do with the plugs that it pulls up? Will it really make the roots grow deeper with proper watering? Also when is the best time to do it? Thanks.

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    I do my aeration in the fall. But i live in Ohio. So bermuda grows some what like bent fast to spread cause of stolons. Even knowing it's more like KB but in fact it's still like bent. Above ground system which if you think about it for a second the plugs would easily damage the system. In your zone it is best to do it in the spring. Which is much early than me in the far north. And you shouldn't have a problem. As far as price that really is a area based cost. I leave the plugs and break them down with a rake or mother nature.

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