Pluger PL400 vs Lawn Solutions

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Blue Lakes, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. ike1018

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    I have had my walk behind lawn solutions aerator for a couple of weeks now and it truly has been amazing. I have used it on steep back yards where I would not have even attempted to use a lawnaire and the LS handled it side ways, up & down. It pulls great cores and I was surprised how well it did pulling cores in a few dry spots. The ability to go backwards and turn really makes it easier to get into small places, under swing sets, around plant beds, trees, etc. Although the machine itself is faster and more productive, I believe the big savings is with operator fatigue. The motor is smooth and I even had a customer comment on how quiet it was as they initially were concerned when I arrived because they just put their 2 year old down for nap. It has easily paid for itself.
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    This review is dead on.

    This is a pretty amazing machine. I pulled 3" plugs all day long today from 0830-1530. This would of normally kicked my rear. Not with this machine.
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    I really like my Plugr machine. I demoed the LS last week and got to use it for a day. Very easy to use, probaby 2 1/2 times efficent that my Plugr. However, I don't think it cores as well and is pretty tough to get used to on hard surfaces and getting on trailers. I would like to see how Plugr HD does on these because I think the cam action of the Plug is superior in pulling cores. After using the LS hydro however, I don't think I can ever use a non-hydro again. Overall, the LS is a very good machine, quite easy to use, and performs very, very well. But I gotta try a Plugr hydro before I buy.....
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    Which Plugr do you currently own? I have the Plugr 850 Hydro and frankly I can't imagine running a non Hydro Plugr. Loading and unloading the 850HD is a breeze as well as stopping tine action as you pass over sprinkler or other object you don't want to hit and you don't loose any ground speed in the process. There would be way too much tugging and pulling to position the unit with no Hydro IMO. The ground speed on the Plugrs is slower from what I understand [On larger properties this could really hurt ones bottom line] but yes the 800 and 850 pull a ton of plugs. I advertise my aeration service this way and many have said that kind of marketing won't work but it has. My customers often comment on the noticeable often alarming amount of plugs left. Frankly plug depth on the Plugrs I think is less @ 2.5" - 2.75" Plug depth suffers as the tines get worn down. I go to the extent of letting air out of the back tires and the Plugr tines are only rotated on 4 turns to get the max depth.

    With that said if you don't advertise More Plugs with a Plugr then one is probably better off with a faster rolling tine aerator.

    The Lawn Solutions aerator is the only rolling tine unit I'd consider buying. What I'm not clear on ..... is the lawn solutions unit powered strictly by the rolling tines or is it powered by the drive wheels? The loading and unloading issue concerns me. Some of the properties I aerate have steep driveways, side yard is an obstacle course full of curbs - walks - stepping stones etc. that would be a total PITA if I had to push and drag the machine around.

    FWIW Plugr is updating their Hydro to a 855 and have made it simpler.
  5. LawnSolutionsCP

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    The tines and front wheels are powered just like your unit.
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    The lawn solutions machine pulls a $hitload of deep, quality plugs. Its built like a tank, easy to operate and quiet. Once you demo it and compare it to the compeditors machines, your decision will be easy!
  7. Plug It Lawn Aeration

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    I own a Plugr 800. I hate it. It stays on my trailer as a backup. If my LS ever breaks down, I would seriously consider renting a machine instead of using my Plugr. On the 800, if you have anything, I mean anything other than a flat lawn, you will completely wear yourself out. It's also slow. It doesn't pull itself very quickly either. Not bad if a customer wants two passes. You simply go slow once. Overall, the LS walk behind wins hands down.

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