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  1. LilRabbit

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    I am a fairly small lawn care service (60 customers),but I want to get into plugging lawns. Where would I start looking for good, reasonable priced machines. All advise is also appreciated. Thanks
  2. 1MajorTom

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    You said 60 customers. Is that 60 customers that you'll be aerating, or just some of the ones you will be able to sell the aerating service to?
    If you are just getting into the aerating and not going to have a ton of customers the first couple of years, I personally would recommend renting an aerator. Line up all your aerations for a day or two, rent one for roughly 60 bucks a day, and go to town.

    For us, we line up the aerations in the spring and fall, and rent for a couple of days each time. Works well for us.
  3. LilRabbit

    LilRabbit LawnSite Member
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    Probably only about 15 posible customers, only 3 inquires. Sounds very logical, Thanks for the help and info. Jimmy
  4. 1MajorTom

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    Also, check out your rental places to find out what time guidelines they have.
    We rent on Friday morning. Pay for Friday and Saturday, and then Sunday is free since they are closed. Aerator is due back Monday morning at 9:00PM.
    Makes it nice because usually on Sunday, we will aerate some of our family's lawns.
  5. rodfather

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    Great advice, Jodi. That is exactly what we did the first couple of years until we got enough customers who wanted it done either in the Spring and/or Fall. Then it made sense to go and purchase a WB unit, and then later, a larger sized, towable one too.

    Aerating is a great money maker btw...especially if you can add in overseeding as well.

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