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Plugr Aerator Tines

Bill Boroskey

LawnSite Member
Has Any one had to replace tines on thier Plugr yet?

I replaced mine on Saturday and by 2:00 this afternoon my guys called to say that 2 had broke already. Does anyone know if this is what I should expect? They didn't seem to be made of the same material as the originals.

Bill Boroskey

PR Fect

LawnSite Bronze Member
Bill, i just used a fellow LCO's Pluger 600 after I broke a cam arm on a Ryan Lawnair 28. After useing it a wile I took the hood off and took a look. I thought to my self if thats the way Ryan made the Lawnair 28 I would have never broke the cam arm. How the heck did they break these teeth? Do they run it over concrete? With the teeth on a angle like they are, it would seem to me they would not break easy. PR