Plugr HD vs Turnaire

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by EVM, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. EVM

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    Anybody have both machines? I am interested in another aerator, I have older ryans but I am looking for something more productive and easier to manuver. Most of my properties are on the smaller side 5,000 sqft, with lots of obstacles. Which unit will be less taxing on the body?
  2. Utopian76

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    i bought a display Plugr rental model last year. I'd have to say it was the stupidest equipment descision i've made yet. i took it for a test drive and everything seemed fine---it had just rained and the demo area was flat and wide open. I loved the thing, bought it right then and there for a good price. The dealer helped me fold the handles (one nice thing about it) and stuff it into my jeep.

    My first yard with the machine went okay but the disaster started when I couldnt get the machine back on my trailer. The customer watched as i pulled and pulled, slipped, and shook my head. i had to run in in reversve full steam while pushing down on the handle to just barely get it up there. A longer, smoother gate would help, but this thing has a major design flaw---you cant load the thing easily---it has small tires, a weird, uncomfortable handle lever setup (i had to cut the plastic lever with a Dremel to save my hands), and it is impact driven--so you cant resort to driving it up on the tines like a rolling ryan and it beats the crap out of you----it also cant handle hills--- it gets stuck easily and destroys areas by digging when its pushmower quality wheels clog or have trouble rolling over a bump.

    Ive also had a problem with the drive belt and it was out of commission during prime season last year waiting for parts that were destroyed when a major weld broke---the whole drive assembly cracked where it was attached-
    my dealer's mechanic even have a few choice words for the quality of the work at the factory

    it does go faster, can get certain tight spots, and came with a real quiet honda---but the nice motor is hard to work on---cuz you cant get to certain parts easily--due to the compact design of the aerator
  3. mverick

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    I use the small turn aer for cut in on large yards and also whole smaller yards. A tow behind after the small one has done the cut in.

    Turn aer is powered and can have a sulky. It's actually pretty fast to walk behind and it turns easily with the brakes. I wanted one that would drive itself is why I got the turnaer and the brakes for turning are relally nice. It also does hills well.
  4. Utopian76

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    just checked out plugr HD online---(cant sleep thinking about that 410)---i looked at the 600 when i was shopping but not the HD-------------Im sure it works better with those bigger tires plus hydro----but i would test it on hills and load it on your work vehicle first-------- seems like a big machine for 5000ft and under with obstacles, but it certainly isnt a machine that a customer will think that they can rent and use themselves.

    ANd as far as operator comfort goes----dont get impact or cam-driven aerators---my plugr has rattled me and my employess in dry conditions on virginia red clay. plus there no room for error with sprinkler heads, concrete, etc with these machines----if you hit something youve destroyed it

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