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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by JFGLN, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. JFGLN

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    I picked up a new Billy Goat Aerator this week. Its the Plugr PL2500SPH with hydro drive. I'm thinking it will work well on slopes and hilly areas. I also have a Lawnaire 28 and a couple of old Bluebirds.
  2. oqueoque

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    Are they less or more than the Turfco XT5 ? Turfco now has a price of $3,699. Did you consider the XT5 at all?
  3. OP

    JFGLN LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yes, I did consider the XT5. The Billy Goat is $1000 more. I wish you could compare the 2 side by side.

    I have had good results with my Lawnaire 28. It's very maneuverable and also is a cam style aerator. It doesn't work well on slopes.
  4. jsf343

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    Hey Jfgln, could you elaborate a bit more on the comparison? I have been thinking about all three of the models you have but am looking for the best all around machine that also is the kindest to the operator (I know some are pretty rough to use).
  5. OP

    JFGLN LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Lawnaire 28 - Very maneuverable cam style aerator, almost zero turn. Punches lots of holes. I can aerate with this machine all day and not feel tired. It's a bit top heavy and doesn't work well on slopes. Lots of moving parts inside. 2 chains and 2 belts.

    Billy Goat 2500sph - I have only limited use on my lawn. Self propelled cam style aerator. Also punches lots of holes. It only has 8 spoons which would make maintenance and replacement easier. It has reverse but you have to disengage the tines when using. Very easy to load and unload. Lower profile(much less tippy) hoping it works well on slopes. Inside it's simpler, just 2 belts.

    I have a couple of Bluebirds but seldom use them since I bought the Lawnaire.

    I chose the Billy Goat because its a cam style aerator, its low profile, and I have a local dealer. If you have more questions let me know.
  6. Turfco

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    ^ Great info JFGLN,

    What I can tell you about the Turfco XT5 is it's built to take the "wear and tear" out of aeration. Hydrostatic drive, with split tine's means you don't have to lift and turn like conventional drum aerators. You can also go in reverse with the tines still in the ground for making it possible to get into those tight areas you generally try to avoid with a conventional aerator, or even making 3 point turns. The 2 chains are on the outside of the machine and covered to reduce wear and tear and it comes with a 2 year warranty. If you have any other questions give me a call at 763 785 1000 ext 119.

    Jeff Lundholm - Inside Sales Coordinator
    Turfco Direct
  7. jsf343

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    excellent info thanks! Please update more after you get to use your Billy Goat more. Very tough decision between BG and Turfco. luckily I am not buying until April.
  8. Mr. Force® Billy Goat Industries

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    JFGLN, I and the employees here thank you for supporting Billy Goat by purchasing one of our products. I'm very certain that you will be pleased with your purchase and the ease of use and ROI you'll enjoy with it. But if questions or problems arise don't hesitate to contact me.

    One of the great things about the Billy Goat PL cam aerators (and or our new AE1300H is you're no longer dependent on perfect soil conditions to pull good plugs. Barrel systems mostly rely on the passive overhead weight of the unit to push down and moisture in the ground to pull a respectable plug. We still make a great barrel style aerator so I'm very familiar with the pros and cons of barrel aerators.

    A cam system mostly relies on the units horsepower to drive the spoon into the turf. Why is this important? In marginal and poor moisture conditions you don't have to rely upon rain or the customer remembering to water the lawn. Showing up to the jobsite and seeing that the lawn is obviously too dry for aerating with a barrel style aerator is frustrating. You just burned your time and fuel for nothing and have to reschedule.

    What's even nicer is you don't get those call backs when you do the work but because the ground was too hard in areas or there aren't enough deep plugs for your customer, they aren't satisfied with the job. The hole pattern on a cam aerator is tighter than any barrel system out there and you can even adjust it to get more. You can't do that with a barrel style because the spoon are in a fixed pattern no matter what speed you travel.

    In perfect conditions they'll both pull similar depth plugs. In marginal to poor conditions there's no comparison, a cam will pull a deeper plug, and either way there will be more plugs with a cam system. For those of you who are sitting on the fence, don't take my word for it, get a demo to let the product speak for itself.
  9. ppena619

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    I just purchased the pl2500sph. I put oil and it fired up with one pull. The problem now is the tines won't engage. I tried adjusting the cable that goes to the handle and I can get it to engage the tines and they will move slowly but then stop. What do I need to do to get the tines to engage at full power? I've played with the adjustment on the cable for hours and Im stumped. Help?
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  10. OP

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    I had to adjust my cables pretty tight. When you engage the tines are you moving forward? It doesn't work well if your not moving.

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