Plz show me some organic results..

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Rayholio, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. DeepGreenLawn

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    This is a 100% organic customer of mine... Bermuda lawn in North Ga area.

    Org 1.jpg

    Org 2.jpg

    Org 3.jpg
  2. DeepGreenLawn

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    This is my own yard, I cut is MUCH shorter than the customers lawn so it doesn't get as much "full green" as theirs due to the cutting height. But for a reel mowed lawn it is pretty good and I think the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. Sorry about the first pic, the sun was still on the low side... the second pic you can kind of tell the difference in cutting height between me and my neighbor, the front sidewalk strip is cut by me... just for uniformity.

    Org 11.jpg

    Org 12.jpg

    Org 13.jpg
  3. dishboy

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    Here is a couple more. The third one is Tall Fescue at 2" with a walker mulch deck per customer request.




  4. RLawns

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    Do you have the name of these dark green varieties?
  5. Prolawnservice

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    Check the ntep results for what grows best in your area with your desired qualitys
  6. starry night

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    Ryegrass -- Apple GL, Homerun, Fiesta 4, Amazing GS, Protege GLR

    (The "G" designations are for Grey Leaf Spot resistant)

    Bluegrass -- Award, Midnight, NuDestiny, NuGlade, Bedazzled

    I'm not salesman for them but these blends are available from Oliger Seed,
    Akron, OH

    I suspect these varieties would do equally well in Central NY. The only trouble I would point out is that you can't do spot work with them. Too dark!
    So overseeding is fine or total seeding.
  7. Grohorganic

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    from sand to this

  8. Smallaxe

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    I've seen Florida sand that is pretty inpressive. Looks like it came from a swamp.
  9. terrapro

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    What kind of corer is that?
  10. Grohorganic

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    its a 3 stab home depot spade

    AKA dig some !!!!!!!!!! maybe see some grubs or worms or ???? but IMO a 1inch core is BS

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