POA and Winter Grassy Weeds

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by xtremelawn, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. xtremelawn

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    Last year I had a real bad problem with Poa and what my Lesco rep was calling "Rescue Grass". Last year I used Simizine in the Fall And Aquacap in the Spring. Did anyone else have the same problems? If so what are you going to do different this year? Should I be using a different chemical?

  2. xtremelawn

    xtremelawn LawnSite Member
    from USA
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    No one else has had this problem?
  3. ArTurf

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    You need to put down a longer lasting Pre-emergent than Simazine in the fall and by a certain time, check with your local extension agent or Lesco. What you put down in spring has no effect on Poa or winter weeds. You can come back with the simazine later in the winter as a post/light pre application to hit what broke through the first Pre.
  4. Falcon50EX

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    For my area i use Aquacap at 2.2 per 1000 now and Dec 1 also Feb 1 for POA
  5. bx24

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    iAquacap is the same as normal Pre-m..I use Prograss for POA (in fact just did app #2 last week). 90% of POA is bye-bye.

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