Poa Annua - Annual Bluegrass Seed dormancy

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Please_Be_Green, May 7, 2009.

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    I have a number of patches of Poa Annua in my 15k of turf. The worst areas are on the north side of tree's which I assume survive the most even during the heat of summer as they do not get blasted with sun all day long. ( Maybe I'm dead wrong here)

    I'm planning on killing some of the sections with gly, vigorously raking and adding some compost to the existing soil. Breaking this years Dimension barrier and reseeding with Lesco 50/50 KBG/Rye, which I used to over seed last year with.

    I'll then plan to utilize an late summer / early fall application pre-emergent in an attempt to lower this years seeds from germinating.

    My question surrounds the Poa Annua - Annual Bluegrass seeds.

    Once the pre-emergent is put down, is that season's seed crop then destroyed or do they lay dormant just waiting for an opportunity to sprout.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Grasssales2001

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    Please be - some of the poa seeds will remain dormant in the soil. Seeds can remain dormant in the soil for an unbelievable amount of time. Be persistent and you can slowly get a handle on the problem.
  3. Please_Be_Green

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    Thanks... appreciate the feedback...

    Starting to realize it's going to be a long term control program to lower the density in the populated areas.

    Need to start bagging clippings in these areas. Gly out the more densly AB patches, reseed this season and get a late summer / early fall pre-emergent to start control practice. (Wish I had this plan in place 4 - 6 weeks ago)

    Do you think a local professional would team up with me in the fall to assist with some broadcast ethofumesate (i.e. Prograss or alike) to assist with herbicidal control aspect?
  4. Grasssales2001

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    I'm sure you could find a professional to come spray for you. How big of an area are you treating? Prograss can be quite pricey unless you can buy ethofumesate under the ag label for sugar beets.
  5. Please_Be_Green

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    The entire property is only 15k, however the poa is concentrated in about 5k section.

    Am I just being anal about it... Those seed heads are driving me crazy. I'm just trying to not have a major issue 5 years down the road.
  6. Grasssales2001

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    No,your not being anal if those seed heads are bothering you find a way to deal with them. There is just no magic bullet that will rid you of annual bluegrass forever. Being from the south I'm not up to date on the most effective means of controlling poa in cool season turf. Down here poa only last still it starts warming up and then it melts out with the heat.
  7. tombo82685

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    their are some chemicals out their labeled to rid poa annua specifically one is velocity. Tenacity is also used, but this just weakens poa annua doesnt kill it. To answer your question yes, the seeds will just lay dormant till the right conditions come about again. I know crabgrass seeds can lay dormant for about 7 years. If its just the seed heads that you dont like their are some chemicals out their that control seedhead production of poa annua they are embark and proxy. But you have to time it right with growing degree days and what not. Usually its the last week in march you put down the seedhead surpressors. I have a picture after i sprayed the fairway and part of the rough you can see like a distinct line of where their is basically no seed heads tthen to a lot of seed heads where i didnt spray.
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