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  1. Ok I mow a poa in town that has 14 houses a small common area and the entrance. 13 homes and the entrance and common areas are not problem. The 14th house is a retired man that has nothing to do but complain.

    We begin mowing on one side of the street and work our way up to the entrance and mow back down to this guys house as per our instructions from the poa property manager. Anytime i am out of site of my guys working he will go up and stop them and try to get them to do extra work on his house or jump down to his house and mow it out of order. He has been advised by me and the poa not to stop our guys or he will charged.

    We have begun charigng him this week 50 dollars each time he stops or has anyone come down to his house. So when he got his bill this week for doing this he ran out to my truck and threw the invoice back into my truck and leaned in the window hollering at me with his finger in my face.

    This is getting to be a everyweek problem with this guy. Any ideas for dealing with this guy.

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    Hit the yard sales this weekend and buy a bunch of hardcover books. On the inside of each cover, write (Valuable family heirloom given to me by my mother on her deathbed. If found, return to (His address, phone #, etc....).
    You may even want to stipulate that he works the mid-shift and doesn't get home until 3:00AM, and that's the best time to call. Promise a $100.00 reward for prompt return, etc....
    Oh, wear surgical gloves at all stages of this, and don't keep the box they come in.
    Now that the books are all inscribed as I stated, drive through the crappiest, drug-infested areas of town. Pawn shops, blood banks, "ho-tels, DNC headquarters....whatever, dropping off a book at each.
    Crackheads will steal a bike and ride until their legs fall off for $100.00, and when they get there they WANT their reward!
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    I think that you are your own with this, I just hope that you were brought up to do the right thing

    Treat elders with honor
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    If you've talked to the prop manager and still no results, just ignore him. Dont stop and talk to him, dont do anything outside of the contract for him and surely dont go and cut his yard at his beck and call. If he gets in your way, mow around him. Next year, put something in the contract to cover yourself for his situation.

    I generally start out with pretty basic contracts for all of my work but when people start to try and bend the rules, out come the clauses.
  5. itc bill i am all about treating elders with respect but when you have your head stuck threw the window of my truck and with your finger a inch from my face I dont care who you are.

    i love the book idea. I was thinking about some roundup balloons..

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