poa trivialis patches in a cool season lawn

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Jun 12, 2002.

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    i have a client that has poa triv. patches in her bluegrass/fescue/rye lawn .it's been hot here in n.j. and you can seen the spots declining.she called and said that it was dollar spot. when i got there you can see the poa spots starting to die back. what can i do?
    she can see what i am talking about when i pointed out the patches.it's well maintained lawn.and i but's up to a golf course.

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    You could use a "Hex Cutter" on small patches. The weak roots of PoaTriv rarely regrow.

    RoundUp works better for bigger patches but the Mrs might not like the idea.

    That's why I like the Hex-Cutter for small patches. You can even replace the cut areas with turf from her own lawn. Cut the new pieces from turf that butts up to a bed. Then hide the cut area by expanding the bed. All lawns have their own little "sodfarms" if you think outside the box a little.

    Are we sure it's not Anthracnose on Poa Anua? Or Bentgrass from the Gold Course?

    Anthracnose has been huge around here this spring. We've been selling boatloads of Thiophanate Methyl (3336, Cavalier, T-Storm, etc) as a result.

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    i am going to look into it.

    whats a hex cutter?
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    When you decide on a strategy, please let me know how it works. Poa triv is the most serious weed problem on the majority of my 522 accounts. We have tried every method known to man, and a few known only to obscure university professors with bizarre theories. We have been disappointed.

    This weed problem is the 500 lb gorilla in my area. As far as I know, no other lawn services acknowledge that it's a problem, and they'd just as soon ignore it. By the way, most of it gets introduced into the lawns through contaminated grass seed. The "other crop" section of the seed tag is where this stuff hides in our area. (The seed suppliers don't like to talk about that either)

    Good luck and please keep me informed on your progress.
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    It may actually be shaped like an octogon. I'm not sure. But it is sort of like a fancy soil profiler. A "T" handle but at the bottom is a sharpened blade in the shaped of a small 8-10" stop sign. You position the "stop sign" over the weed. Step on it with your foot. Then, rocking slightly, lift the section out. I'd say it will pull a small hunk of sod about 1 1/2" deep. Golf supers use these things to repair tees & greens. They're great for ball marks, missing divots, & tough to control weeds. The section removed could be smaller than the damage. All you do is line up as many "stop signs" as you need to. When finished a super usually heads for the clean up ring at the edge of a green. You take as many pieces as needed to replace the damage. Then they'll resod the edge of the green or tee. This insures that the main playing area of a green is repaired with turf of identical height & look. The edges & collars are almost a penalty anyway, so if playablility isn't perfect on the back edge, who cares.
    In your situation, I'd pull the repair pieces from a piece of purchased sod or the edge of a bed that needs to have it's edge pulled out. When you're done pulling repair pieces, re-edge the bed & redistribute the mulch.
    Obviously, this approach is only practical for weed issues that are still small but could threaten to get out of control. I have customers that wouldn't think of using a simple repair approach like this. They fear the possibility of losing a good chargeable future RoundUp renovation! I see their point, but don't feel I'd want my name or face on lawns that are this "let go". Some of us eat good & some of us sleep good I suppose.

    We don't sell this thing but one of my "friendlier competitors" does. He'll UPS one to you.

    Westchester Turf (845) 621-5067 ask for Bob.
    Tell him Steve from LESCO referred you so he knows which item you're looking for. He has faxed pictures & spec's to customers on request in case they need it for a PO or something. I think it's less than $200 or $300 depending on size & features.
    If you buy one be careful with it. Try to feel for rocks & be ready to reposition if you find one. These things weren't designed or constructed with rocky home lawns in mind. They even have trouble in some pushup greens in the hands of a novice. That said, with a little practice, good quality repairs are just minutes away.

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    thanks steve. today i was looking into one and ordered one out the catalog.i did not know they made such a thing...thanks
    anthony ;)
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    steve: recieved my hex cutter today and i love the tool.
    i will post a pic when i geet a chance.
    thanks again.

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