northfield, il
okay, so here's my deal...i mainly do alot of establishment in new sub divisions around seattle, it's a pretty good place to grow high traffic grass... anyway i do alot of rene because the area is growing and alot of people come from all over and buy these mansions because microsoft buys them for them and we have this insect here called the european crane fly that feeds on grass and their snippy house with a lawn on fill dirt turns to mud and the home owners assoc. gets pissed i come along and balance ph aerate and over seed ( some of my favorites are roots-fe8 is cheap and killer... and humics anyway i have this one house that when i got it it looked like the grand canyon out back after la nina, it was a hydroseed gone bad... so i aerate apply biosolids,humic and fulvic acids,then seed...bingo dream green.. winter comes, pretty mild...grass grows in jan...i pre m'd...guess it really didn't work because it really hasn't rained i even see some product in the thatch, so now i've got goose grass, and poa ann, and some barnyard grass..now i am afraid to aerate and over seed because i'll have a powered up lawn of goose with a blue rye mix...what should i do?


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Well I guess, since you like got this problem, with like this killer lawn, that ain't givin' you no brakes, I would louse them.

Or you could learn to write a message, that sort of resembles english. Something that others would take seriously.

Most people on this site approach Lawn Care as a business, and a way to provide for their families. It doesn't help us to have people like you that don't have the dignity to stop for half a second and question yourself.

I know it doesn't matter to you, but for the guys here that are making $100,000 PLUS a year being a professional is a must, in every thing they do.