Pocono (Stroudsburg, PA 18360) Non Pressure Roof Cleaning by Hank's Property Services

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    As the leading provider of professional non pressure roof cleaning in The Poconos(Carbon, Monroe, Northampton, Pike and Wayne Counties) we are pleased to share some photos of work we performed on Friday 4/27/12 in Stroudsburg, PA 18360. The roof on this home was covered in black algae stains, moss and lichen.

    We met with the homeowners and took the opportunity to educate them on the cause of the ugly black stains/streaks, moss and lichen on their roof and a course of action to correct the issue. The entire roof was treated with our Pocono Non Pressure Roof Cleaning treatment. As can be seen in the photos the black algae stains, moss and lichen were treated safely and effectively. The customer was extremely happy with the services we provided.


    joe disanto's House 013.JPG

    joe disanto's House 010.JPG

    joe disanto's House 015.JPG

    joe disanto's House 009.JPG





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