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    Does anyone know some good podcasts for LCOs? I am starting part time but I have a long drive to my regular job so I wanted something to listen to. Gopher Grafics has one on I-Tunes, but it is mostly just reading forum threads. I am capable of reading and was looking for something with topic driven info. Thanks.
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    Im going to look into starting one now that you mention it. Ive been part of some websites that tie in phonelines like a radio show. You can host on an internet mike while others listen on the internet or pod cast. The website gives you a number and forwards all of the phone calls to your personal number. Everything is live and worked out really good. Im going to research and see if I can find the site.
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    Here are many 3 hour radio programs, usually divided into one hour segments. Many would not be of interest, but some should be of interest (e.g. financing, contracts, legal, marketing, etc).


    The radio program is available live on Saturday mornings. Along with the audio, TalkShoe enables interaction with the host as well as others who are live online. Much of the material is location independent.

    Here is the web site of the host (The American Entrepreneur). He has tons of great stuff for the entrepreneur.

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    why listen to a podcast when you can listen to opie and anthony on xm satellite radio 1 delphi myfi 1 set of ear buds 1 clip on antenna = 5 hours of pure entertainment don't forget ron and fez noon to 3
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    "Car Talk" from NPR every week, you can get the current episode for free through iTunes but unfortunately you have pay if you want to get older episodes.

    Also through iTunes I get the daily Wall Street Journal Report along with their Carcast show that comes out once a week. Both shows are a little dry but the info is good.

    This is a San Francisco/bay area talk show. They're pretty funny, they talk politics a fair amount but it's lighthearted and they talk about lots of other stuff too. They're slightly conservative but nothing like Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity.

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