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    got a late xmas instal..in the orlando area, i need trays of 4 inch red poinsettias.. need about 100 plants + didnt want to go into larger sizes plants , but may have no choice.. tried my usual supplier, but sold out (knox) any suggestions?? Thanks
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    I hate to say it, but Lowes might be your only hope this close to Christmas. Count on paying a buck each for them.

    I run into this a lot. Customers are not interested until the last minute. With poinsettias nurseries don't want them on hand much after thanksgiving,and have shoved them out to retail.

    You might check with omni in apopka, but I have never found them this late. Even if they have them you might still only be talking about saving $35 on 100 plants. The lowes around here do have that size.
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