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keep them or not

  1. yes keep it

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  2. no dont keep

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  1. Mac and i were discussing this and we both agree the points would be a good idea if

    1 both positive and negative's are made known to the receiver of them

    2 No off topic posts included for points

    Mac will chime in with more sugestions .
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  2. Turf Medic

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    The biggest problem with the points as I see it, is that the points need to be based on the subject and value of the post not the poster. Just because a person is well liked or is disliked has no bearing on the value of the information contained in the post. I really don't see how you could even begin to regulate that, JMO.

    Maybe there is a way to keep both camps happy, if the software will allow it let members decide if they want to be a part of the reputation plan or not. The people that decide to be a part of it could get and recieve reputation points and their value would be posted. Those that opt out of the reputation would not be allowed to recieve or give points, this would have to be a decision that would be permanent, or have a period of maybe 30 days each year where anyone could change their option.
  3. fcl01

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    Jack, maybe make it so you have to earn the right to give/take points. as it is now, people with no knowledge of anything can ding anyone they want.

    i say take the ten guys with the most points right now and let them do the dingin around here. then, when someone earns lets say 30 points, they then graduate to dingers.

    that way, if you dont contribute to the site in a positive way, youll never be a dinger

    also, every member could be put on probation. if they dont get their 30 points in six months ban them from posting 30 days and then their probation starts over
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  4. olderthandirt

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    We could all be given a number of negative points to use per month IE 5 would you want to use those points because you found the post was a little disturbing to your point of view or would you rather wait and not use them at all or use them on something that you strongly disagreed with. This would stop the popularity contest as its been called
  5. qualitylandscaping

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    stuff like this annoys me..

    New feature: user reput... 10-05-2004 04:43 PM ding-ding-ding! GEO lol--I sign mine! lol!

    negative with no reason.. Just dinged me to pi$$ me off.. :dizzy:
  6. dvmcmrhp52

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    I have an Idea............................scary, isn't it ?.................
    Why don't we move on ?
    Do reputation points make this a better site by creating popularity contests?
    Will people with good quality posts, such as jim lewis who doesn't post often have the reputation they deserve?
    Do "professionals" need to know who is the most popular on the board?
    Will this make posting on this site more professional?
    Newbees don't typically use the search function,will they use the "reputation" function to educate themselves on members?
    Do the regulars on this site need to tell each other how much they like each other by giving away "friendly" reputation points?
    Do I need to continue on with this post??????????

    Let's face it, this whole thing is NOT about who is posting the best information, this IS about who is likable and who is not.
    Is this the direction that professionals ought to be going?
    Me thinks not.
    Points.............no points...........who cares? It doesn't change what goes on here.............that needs to come from the members themselves................

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  7. olderthandirt

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    Well my suggestion would eliminate that, or you keeping your mouth shut would also accomplish the same thing. Since I have no way of making you shut up that leaves the points system with out it we still have to listen to al your BS with out any reproach at least with it I can let you know how I feel about your post.

  8. Brandyanna

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    Unfortunity a lot of negative points get spread around on based personality and closed minded thinking. You have the clueless dinging real good info because they think otherwise or that is not how something is done in their area.
  9. Brandyanna

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    Perfect example Olderthandirt and Qualitylandscaping above.
  10. Avery

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    There is no way to ensure they are used correctly. Both good and bad can be given out without any sound basis. Just for the simple fact the user wants to give them out. I still see no merit to the system. I base a persons worth on my experience with their past posts. Not the color or number of boxes in their threads or what other people think about them. I like to form my own opinions.
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