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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by cgrant711, Jul 9, 2014.

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    I got a new customer a couple weeks ago and they wanted me to give them a price on cleaning out behind there shed. It's not that much, probably 3 man hours. I charge $35 per hour so I would normally say $105, but there is poisen ivy back there. I'm not that allergic to poisen ivy, but I feel like I should add about $50 for any medicine I'm going to have to buy and just for having to deal with poisen ivy for a few days. I actually have poisen ivy right now and it took me a week just to notice it, and I just get small itchy bumps. Does $165 seem like a decent price for this job or should I charge more?
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    Forget it--not worth the risk. Use a pole saw to cut any large stems from a safe distance. Call someone who is licensed to spray it. After it is dead for about 6 weeks use a Bob cat or mechanical method to scrape out a few inches of topsoil as the roots may sprout--unless--the soil is dry where you live. Plan to mow the area so the resprouts cannot get a start. Or plan to spray it again when the roots send up new plants. Both, mowing and spraying--is better yet.

    Here are a couple poison ivy herbicide tests. The first is T-Zone plus a 3-way.
    The second was treated with Speedzone and Surge.


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    Thanks for the reply. It's not a big area at all, and is actually tight spot. I think I'm going to quote them a price, once I go back to mow again. The only peice of equipment i can fit in there is my echo pas. I'll use the brush cutter attachment and just try not to throw stuff everywhere. Once everything is chopped up, I'll wear my latex gloves and throw it in the trash.
    Wait about 3 weeks and spray it with round up. I've dealt with poisen ivy quite a bit already, but at least this time I already know it's in there and can be prepared. They aren't picky people and just want it gone, they could care less if it came back next year. I guess I didn't even need to ask this question, since I figured it out already, but I appreciate your help.
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    I removed approx. 100 square feet of poison ivy from one carport this year,, with spraying, cutting and removal I charged $175.00, so yeah,, I think you're in the ball park with your price. happy hunting
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    I'm covered in that crap right now it gets in my blood I don't weed eat it or get near it if possible lol

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