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Poison Ivy Solutions?


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Pittsburgh PA
I'm itchy just reading this.

If I need to do a lot of trimming and I know it's around, I have a pair of elastic waist "sports pants" that I will pull on over my shorts and wear while I trim that area.
Otherwise, I just avoid it. When you get it so bad that you can't work for a week and should have gone to the hospital, you learn to spot it from 20 feet away and STAY AWAY from it.

I do get minor rashes occasionally from trimming. The oil gets flung onto you and since I wear shorts, I will get small spots of that itchy crap on my legs.

I keep a poison ivy cleanup kit in my truck.
A bottle of Ivarest wash (no longer made), a bottle of water, paper towels, and some Sarna lotion to apply if I get itchy.
If I even THINK I may have come in contact, I wipe off my arms and legs before heading to the next job.

I keep a bottle of Tecnu at the laundry tub in my basement that I can use the moment I get home, and a bottle in the shower for when I'm really fearful that I've come in contact.

Once you have the rash, that's it - too late - prepare to be miserable.
I read all these home remedies and see the products that claim to "wash away" the oil hours later, and "sooth" the itch, but I just laugh at all of it. Nothing really helps once you've got it.

Freaky Fido

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Northeast USA
One of my sons who used to work with me got PI pretty easily. I got him a product that you put on before exposure as a protectant. I think it was called Ivy Guard. It's kind of a waxy cream. I also got some cleansing towels for after possible exposure to clean up in the field. Then there's washes you can get for after exposure. You can get them all at your local pharmacy.

Carolina Cuttin' Company

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Swansea, SC
I have gotten poison ivy about 4 times in the past 6 months, this most recent time was pretty bad. I’m wondering what you all do to protect yourself from it? Are there certain lotions to put in before you work? Soap to wash yourself with after you work? Some crazy miracle product I don’t know about?
Dawn dish liquid and scrubbing ASAP. Like within the first few minutes.

That's what my family does. I seem to be immune to it.


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Yeah, there are some rubs that you can use to soothe the itch but if you shower before the oils can soak into your skin you won’t have the itch or rash.