Poison Ivy

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barkleymut, Jan 31, 2000.

  1. Barkleymut

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    For some reason I recall something about a poison ivy shot. However after the third time I got poison ivy this past summer I went to the doctor and he had never heard of it. Just want to find out if any of ya'll had used the shot and if it had worked.
  2. Retro67

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    The only thing I have found to work for Poison ivy is Prednisone&lt;sup&gt;&copy&lt;/sup&gt;. It is a steroid. I was told there is a shot, however it isn't preventative. You get it after contact with poison ivy and the doctor said it didn't act as fast as the Prednisone&lt;sup&gt;&copy&lt;/sup&gt;.<p>John

    MRPLOW LawnSite Member
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    Poison Ivy. I've gotten it so many times that I'm practically imune to it, it deosn't even spread on me anymore just stays on my legs a little bit. I'd be intersted in a shot though.
  4. thelawnguy

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    The shot is actually Benadril or some other sort of antihistamine, forget working the rest of the day after the shot it makes you sleepy and dopey.<p>Take an antihistamine pill like benadril or something and it will dry up the poison ivy real quick. A double dose of Claritin will do the same thing. <p>I used to get poison ivy real bad, now I take a claritin and a singulair a day for asthma and a great side effect is minimal discomfort from poison ivy.<p>There is a homeopathic substance called oral Ivy, you mix it with orange juice for 30 days in late winter and its supposed to prevent poison ivy outbreaks for the rest of the year.<p>The best way is to be aware of it and try to avoid it, if not wash THOROUGHLY with LOTS of water asap after exposure. This works best for me.<p>Understand that a poison ivy rash is an allergic reaction along the same lines as hay fever, pet hair, or whatever, and the same remedies will help with an outbreak.<p>Bill<br>
  5. Lee Homan

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    I started using a lotion called Ivy Block last year with great results. You rub it on the areas you are most likely to come in contact with poison ivy before you go to work which for me was below the knees and it prevents you from catching it. You can get it at K-Mart or Wal-Mart for about $10.00 dollars a bottle. Lasts me about 6-8 weeks.<br>Also the Benadryl works real well to dry poison ivy up. Good luck.<br> Lee
  6. GroundKprs

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    There was a shot for poison ivy. Whoever made it quit producing it about 5-8 yrs ago.<p>Jim
  7. Retro67

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    I have had no luck with antihistamines. I think it is a personal thing. I have to get the Prednisone&lt;sup&gt;&reg&lt;/sup&gt;in order to get rid of it. If you find yourself spending all kinds of money and getting no results, try going to the doctor and ask if he will give you Prednisone&lt;sup&gt;&reg&lt;/sup&gt;. I think it must depend how allergic you are to Rhuli oil.<p>John
  8. cantoo

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    I don't have a reaction to it but my wife gets it from just putting my clothes in the washer machine. I spray my properties with Killex to get rid of it, it will burn the leaves right off. I also wear rubber boots when I am anywhere near it. My wife has even got it from driving the mower after I cut some down, the oil is active for years.
  9. geogunn

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    back many years ago I was a fence building business and got a contract to fence a new home built in the woods. the grass was just coming up and I didn't know it but the poison ivy was also. it got in my sweaty socks and covered my feet as bad a the doctor had ever seen. he gave me shots and a prescription for VALISONE ointment. the treatment dried it up in several days but for about 10 years after that I was hyperalergic to the stuff and I would react from just being close to it. hard to believe but it is true.<p>now if I do a job I explain that I don't mow or trim poison ivy. so far I everyone has understood.<p>GEO
  10. Lawns & More

    Lawns & More LawnSite Member
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    IVY BLOCK, does work! I get mine at Walmart for about $8.00. You just put it on you and let it dry for about 30 minutes.
    If you do get poison ivy, wash it off with COLD water, not warm water and use a dish soap as well. Ivy is a oil base, cold water, usually will make it run off the skin. Also when you dry youself off with a towel, pat dry yourself, dont rub the towel on you drying yourself off. Man im itching just typing this !! He-he

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