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    I recently won a bid on rescaping 5 acres of semi-heavily wooded acres. I found out in less than an hour that my hired hands are seriously allergic to poison ivy, sumac and poison oak. I am not allergic so i will be able to get in there to spray it and kill the itchy vines so my guys can ditch the itch and get back in there. Problem is I'm less than sure what to put down to kill it and not harm the large crop of very nice growth trees that he wants to keep and also not inadvertently hit his patches of fescue he wants to keep. He's picky and im stumped. Can anybody unstump me?
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    We have done this many times in past years. Here's what we do:

    1) Spray "Brush Killer" (PBI Gordon) or "Crossbow" (LESCO) at 3 ounces per gallon on the foliage. These products will not harm turf, so you don't have to worry about overspray unless you get some on broadleaf plants. It kills poison ivy, poison oak, and any other volunteer trees within 10 days. Then you have to cut them down or weedeat them down. Works every time.

    2) Regarding vines growing up into tree foliage, cut the vine at the base. Let it regrow, then spray the foliage when it regrows.

    This may be a 2 or 3 year process, but it works.

    We did this at a State Park. It had a frisbee course where we sprayed about ten feet on both sides of the paths. We also did this at our home when we first bought it -- now it's free of poison ivy.......but we still see poison ivy (and ground ivy) encroaching from our next door neighbor WHO SELLS USED MATTRESSES.

    BTW I use a backpack sprayer to spray "brush killer".
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    does crossbow work well on other species of waxy ivy found in ornamental beds? prosecutor barely does anything even at higher concentration levels.
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    use remedy (garlon 3) mix to directions and spray the bottom foot of the vine. On thick ones cut into the cambium. Use it all the time
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    sound like you need some Scythe. not sure if Quicksilver or Octane would be any better? Try glyphosate + diquat + triclopyr + Scythe + maybe surfactant.

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