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Poison Ivy


LawnSite Senior Member
War Eagle!!
First major cleanup landed me a nice check and also a nice case of poison ivy. Spread throughout my body to my face, legs, neck, arms, underarms, stomach, chest

not fun, used to never get. Now I have had it for six days and am MISERABLE!!!!

Longsleeve shirts are priceless for cleanups let me tell you


LawnSite Member
Poisy ivy infection is a royal pain ! Get into hot shower and scrub affected areas vigorously ( a stiff brush works well). Then apply " Ivy Dry" to affected areas.

Big M LawnnSnow

LawnSite Member
Belle Mead
My Grandmother, who made it till 99 years young (God rest her) always had me make a paste out of baking soda and water and rub it onto the infected area at night before bed.
It dries out the poison ivy and relieves the itch.
It will come off at night and make a bit of mess in your bed but it works great.


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Va.
Is it posible to not scratch poison ivy? I may be willing to pay to watch someone not scratch poison ivy. I love scratching when I get poison ivy. I get it in early spring and I usually have it all season. I never put any thing on for protection or for relief. I just live with it. I don't like getting it and I try not to, but it seems to happen anyway. I have a couple locations that are infested and the owners never have it, I don't think they even know what it is. My wife pulls it out by the roots and never gets it. Anyway if I couldn't scratch poison ivy, I wouldn't want to live. If I didn't have hands and got poison ivy, I would jump under a bus.



LawnSite Senior Member
You may need to see a doctor,grassin,if you have it that bad.If the over-the-counter stuff doesn't work a shot of cortisone will probably clear it up.I used to have to get those injections all the time when I was younger.Good luck.

Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

LawnSite Member
Owosso, MI
A cortisone shot and a 10 day supply of steroids should do the trick. Doctor prescribed steroids of course, no BALCO versions. :D


LawnSite Senior Member
I use carb and choke cleaner. It hurts for a min but after that it is so dried out it doen't bother me for the rest of the day.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Overland Park KS
I get poison ivy probably 4 times a year. Im so used to it now it really doesnt bother me. But when it gets really bad i used a oatmeal bath, soak in that for about 30 mins, then i use a spray called Rhuli Spray, then i pop a couple Benadryl for the anthihistamine. All that will usually stop the itch for abotu 15 hours at a time.