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  1. kappa915

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    Is there another name for pokeweed? I can't find it anywhere. I am starting to see it on a lot of bermuda properties right now. I guess the barricade has no control over it.

    I found this picture online.

    If I need to I will take a picture in some turf.

    Is there a pre-emerge that controls it, or can it only be controlled through post-emerge?

  2. dKoester

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    I know alot of old people who eat that stuff. Boil it 2 times for 10 minutes dump the juice both times then stir fry it with some vegetable oil 2 minutes. Not much oil though.
  3. phototropic1

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    Yeah, people have eaten poke salad for years and years. But it has mutagenic properties. It can really screw up your unborn children. I'd like my sex chromosones to remain as they are. Be careful! I think, however, that if it is cooked you might be ok. Not sure on that one. Not as if you were asking if you could eat it or not. Personally, I hand pull it. It's easy to pull if you get it early. That large one in the pic probably has a big taproot. Make sure you get the whole thing!
  4. Kate Butler

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    I grew up on poke salad and have found it growing aggressively as far North as Long Island, NY.

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