Polaris TerrainArmor

Discussion in 'ATV / UTV' started by agrostis, Apr 4, 2016.

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    If scooters and golf carts can go to war, there's no way ATVs were going to be left out. What we'd call quad bikes today were among the first military vehicles ever produced, fielded by the British in World War I. The Polaris TerrainArmor brings that tradition to the 21st century and single-handedly makes every other ATV on Earth look about as tough as a Big Wheel tricycle. A bit steep at $15,000, but it does come with the kind of next-generation airless tires that will soon debut on larger military vehicles. kBCZ4QM.jpg
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    Polaris has those as an option on all ATV's and I believe UTV's but hold your wallet at $1000ea tire.
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    Half atv half tank. I like it.
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    I have this ATV, it is an absolute beast. The 850cc V-twin is more power than you'll ever need, and the never-flat tires are a huge time saver.

    I bought it used from a dealer with 30 hours for $8000 cash, nothing close to the $15,000 retail price.

    I have it rigged with a 40 gallon, 30 foot boomless sprayer. This thing can cover some serious land.

    The only bad thing is that I'm scared to get it dirty because it's such a beautiful machine.
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    Here’s a few pics


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