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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2 man crew, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. 2 man crew

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    I will be putting up a 60 x 30 pole building this winter. I've looked at Morton, Wick, and the do it your self package from Menards. The building will have (1) 18 x 10 insulated garage door and 6 windows.

    Morton's price $26,000 completely built w/labor

    Wicks price $22,000 completely built w/labor

    Menards price $9454.00 materials only

    Has anyone had any experience with the Menards building?
    Is the Morton worth the Extra $$?

    Also, I will not be putting in a concrete floor until next year.
  2. sirsweatsalot

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    my cousin just put up a pole building at his place with no floor. it was consideribly bigger then your i think his was 40x100 i think. its the biggest one i have ever seen. it came with a hanger type door. and i know it was not morton or wick. i want to say it was like gateway or butler but im not sure. i know it cost him like $40000 its a nice building though. i thought it was a good price. but thats out hear in the Red river valley
  3. Lawn277

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    Last year I put up a 36 X 72 for a farmer, we made a few changes, such as the posts, instead of a 6x6 we used 3 2x6's with the center one shorter to accomidate the trusses. The quality was ok, everything was delivered to the job site. The print was a little high priced. We also had to buy a few more materials for truss supports and a few extra supports and bracing. I think It came to less than 8000.00, unisulated with open front They did band the tin a little to tight and bent the tin here and there. I would put up another one, it is pretty nice for the money

  4. Toroguy

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    From what I hear the slab is the big expense. The Menards kit obviously doesn't include that.

    Sounds like a nice plan.

    As our customers do to us...shop around, some companies are busy and high balling, some are eager and lowballing.
  5. Bunton Guy

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    What are you doing in the way of property ? are you building it on your own beside your house are you buying an acre or two ? I tried doing the same but found it was quite a hassle. They wanted locally 22,500 for the 30X50 building built with cement floor 2 full size garage door and one office door. I was going to have to add porta johns outside and a caged off area for the office....Zoning was a big big ***** and I didnt want to have to deal with water hookups the cost of this that and the other + 3 acres for the shop was 13,000 per acre so for shop,land, hookups zoning ect...it was well over 70,000 so in that case I think I will just rent a shop. Dont think at my age I would be able to get a loan out for something that large.
  6. Imow4u2

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    I see you're from MN one thing to consider in the region that we live in is,"snow load", and a good commercial gutter to take the water away from the building. I see a small price difference between Morton and Wick. Some say the Morton is over priced,But they will gurantee a snow load number and a better warrany on the steel than others. A neighbor of mine has a Morton '80 by '40 than was Hail damaged. He sent in the color code for the steel to be replaced and eventhough the structure is over 25 years old the new steel matched exactly proving that the Morton steel will not fade. IMO the Morton is the John Deere of pole barns. Whatever your decision get a warraty in writing on the snow load and how many years the tin will go without rust .:)
  7. EIB

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    Hi Guys,

    New to the site. I've got alot of good information from it. Anyways I had Morton give me a price on a 36 by 50. It was 40,000.00 with 3 12 by 12 doors and one entry door. Also included R- 40 in the ceiling. Then had a local company give me a price. 36 by 54 they wanted 20,000.00. Everything was the same except for the insulation. The came 84 lumbers price for the materials, 11140.00 It all boils down to the what they use for lumber. Morton uses 3 2 by 6 for the posts and others use 6 by 6. Morton steel is thicker than others. All that said is it worth twice as much.

  8. williamslawn

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    Had mine built by www.nationalbarn.com but they do not service your area. 30X50 less than $10,000 includes material and labor less concrete. Concrete cost me $3800
  9. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
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    Friend of mine just put up a 24x30 minus the sides for $1400.00. This was in kit form and included everything but the cement. I'm sure for a little more money he could finish walling up the sides and back and then add a door at a later date. He was just trying to get a roof over his equipment.
  10. turfdog

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    I put up a 45x 72' Menards pole barn shed 2 years ago for about $15,000. Price included roll-up side door, 2 entry doors, 22' sliding end doors, 3 windows, 6 skylights, wainscoting, premium paint and overhanging eaves. All of these options will add to the price of a basic shed. Their buildings come out of Wisconsin with the lumber obtained locally. All the steel I used was attached with screws. Many companies use nails instead which are easier to attach but in my opinion tend to loosen. My local building codes required 80 lb wind loads and 20 lb snow load. Thru Menards and the primarly supplier, you can get the necessary blue prints with engineer certifications for whatever requirements are needed for about $250. Get the certificates and blueprints first if needed and then order the building based on the specs. The kits from Menards are very complete with precut steel etc. There kits have just the required amount of material and it is best to get a few extra pieces of lumber. The entire building can be delivered to your site.
    Morton builds a great shed but IMHO better values are available. Morton steel is thicker, but the steel quality /grade is less. Most companies, including Menards, use 80,000 lb psi full hard steel.
    Morton uses Kynar paint which I beleive can be also ordered with a Menards kit. If I had to do it over again, I would still get a Menards shed. I also looked at Cleary and Astro buildings but for the value, thought Menards was the best. I had a couple of missing peices, which were promptly reordered without question. Menards buildings have 6x6" pressure treated laminated posts or true 6x6 poles. Total cost including erection was about $25,000. All other companies were higher and had fewer options. This fall I just poured a cement slab 5" thick.

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