Police officers i need your advice!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DEPENDABLE LANDSCAPING, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Ok I believe you. You should not have admitted any wrongdoing, you were not doing anything wrong by blocking the road any more than a car or other truck stopped in the road to load or unload. As long as there are no signs indicating "no stopping" you had every right to be there- within reason. Believe me, I used to work for a cable company and I used to stop everwhere with either a van or bucket truck and nobody ever gave me a problem.

    It sounds like someone in one of those vehicles had some pull with the police, didn't like you, the person you were working for, or all of the above. The PO also was completely unprofessional in handling the incident.

    That said, you say this is a small town. In my small town I have gotten to know some police officers, a detective is an old drinking buddy and the police chief is a nice guy. The parking enforcement officer is also the dog warden and I'm on a first name basis with him. I wouldn't abuse my relationships but he knows my trucks and car and would not give me a ticket if I were to overstay where I was parked in town. What I'm trying to say is that you get more flies with honey than vinegar. Whenever you get the chance get to know some of these guys and maybe they won't bust your balls the next time.
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    well said....
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    I feel like yelling and screaming somedays.
    Sometimes I'm not even in the right and I still feel like doing it.
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    I would drop it. That officer could have come from a fatal accident with children involved. Police have to deal with some nasty stuff that we will never have to see.
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    Start scouting the local coffee hots spots in am. Watch for him to pull up and buy him a cup of joe.....maybe a donut or two. When he asks who paid for it....go up to him and tell him the guy you treated like a total a$$hole on such and such street.
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    Just curious if a leaf sucker, blower, or mowers were running at the time hence the yelling part? Sounds like he just yelled at a foolish situation that was not an immediate danger to anybody at that moment; however, if AJ squared away calmely walked up and was as professional as can be and started writng tickets I'm sure you would not of been happy with that outcome either. If it were me I'd just say to myself "whatever" and move on keep it in the back of your head if the same officer has multiple dealings with you or your company and acts the same way over very minor issues then I may bring up the combined incidents then. For all you know the departments hates the officer and would love to hear your complaint, but I'd let it die and wait for another day.
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    As a former officer i can tell you that if youre blocking the road youre impeding the flow of traffic wether theres traffic or not. as far as complaining?? lol dont waste your time.
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    And as far as the overhead lights turns the camera on comment? ya it does but it can also be turned off with the push of a button. any advice given by someone who doesnt have law enforcement experience or from an attorney is as good as a pile of crap on the ground lol if further advice is needed just listen to the song " i fought the law and the law won" lol
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    Perhaps "blocking the road" is a poor choice of words on the OP's part. He wasn't stopped there to pick his nose, he was doing his job picking up leaves on the side of the road. If he was impeding the flow of traffic it was necessary. Apparently in some academies they don't teach common sense. Most small town departments also take a dim view of their officers busting people balls for no reason. If the OP was drunk and beligerent have at him but if he's just trying to do his job help him out.

    I think the only thing the OP was guilty of was not putting flag people or cones in front and behind at the intersections so stupid people wouldn't drive up to him and have to stop like a** holes.
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    If a vehicle is blocking the road for any reason then its impeding the flow of traffic. Proper aurthorization is required to close any road for any amount of time. No sense in debating a pointless issue or making comments about no common sense being taught in academies. if you have a job that will block a roadway, go ahead and call local authorities, state reason why youre blocking the road, and see what kind of answer you receive lol B-)
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