Police officers i need your advice!

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    Regardless of the state you are in, your truck is licensed and registered as Commercial.

    Unless posted you can double park for loading using just your flashers.

    I am no cop but many of my family and friends are LEOs. The officer should be reported for his actions, he seems to have forgotten that he works for you and not the other way around.

    For all of the good officers on the job, each dept. has a few culls that give the entire force a bad name.
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    Youre rite! you can double park BUT theres a difference between double parking and blocking a roadway. best advice is to check with local authorities to find out what you can and cant do
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    If I'm not mistaken, you can report him to your state's department of internal affairs, and you could also write a letter to the police chief & mayor indicating what happened. Threaten to bring this situation to your local media if you don't receive an apology from the offending officer. If you don't get an apology, picket with your crew in front of the police station, and notify every media outlet why you are there. Ferris Beuler said it best, "you can never go too far".
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    I have many friends on my local p.d.. I can not imagine one of them behaving this. Although, I am sure this is common place in some places. However, take the advice of the people telling you to just let it go. Allow this experience to take you to a new level when you always be considerate not only to your customer, but to the neighbors and the community. Don't put a big X on your back. Just be more aware of the next level of professionalism. I was in the moving industry for over a decade, and we had to be constantly be aware of this very issue.

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