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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bobbygedd, May 4, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    agree on a price, a plan, and the terms, and approx start date, and completion date. write it up, sign it. 50% down, remaining due at completion. anything wrong with it? how bout if we draw the contract up today, sign it today, and work will begin on monday. anything wrong with asking for a deposit today, at time of signing?
  2. Zach76

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    I'm with ya Bobby. No date set until 50% is in my hand.
  3. Let it Grow

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    Same here. I'll start the job when the contract is singed and 50% is in the bank. You can't be too careful these days. This method has worked very well for me.
  4. WeatherMan

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    On Jobs 10K or less we require 50% upfront no date set until the check clears. On Jobs 11K and up I do it in thirds. Third upfront, Third in the middle, Third when complete. That has been my policy since day one:cool:
  5. bobbygedd

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    very unusual thing happened. i met with client, devised a plan for thier backyard. told them step by step how it would be done. told him i'd type up the contract, come by, and get a signature and a deposit, and start later in the week. he says no way, no depopsit till i see some work done. i been burnt before. i'm like, well, it's our policy, period. i ended up losing a nice paying job because of it. or, he ended up losing a nice looking job, because of it. funny....he didn't trust me, but expected me to trust him...
  6. WeatherMan

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    Trust is a 2 way street, but honestly I trust no one
  7. robertyb

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    Did you explain to him that trust is a two way street? You are sitting there thinking "this SOB is looking to rip me a new one" while he is thinking exactally the same thing. I think in this case maybe you should have told him that your policy is for 50% down up front but you will be glad to give him several referrals to people that you have already done this type of work for. If and when he is ready to commit, give you a call. That way the door is left open for both of you. You will find in this case that they will think it over and give a call back without usually even calling the referrals simply because YOU offered them.
  8. charlies

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    if someone was not planning on paying you, or actually had no money in the bank to pay a deposit a the time of signing, (they are thinking they will have it covered when they get paid next week, yeah, right), then every single one of these kinds of people will have a problem with putting a deposit down up front. maybe a few honest people who actually have the money to spend will have a problem with it, but you can be sure ALL of the other type people will.
  9. robertyb

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    Let me tell you a short story. I was not paying attention to where I was going but a lot to where I had just been on my tractor a few weeks ago. I hit a tree head on and busted radiator wide open and also busted fan belt. I called a dealer and he came and picked it up and fixed it. He was supposed to leave a bill in the tool box. He forgot to do so. I went by his place to pay but he did not have a copy handy (he was busy) and said he would just mail it. That was two weeks ago. He trusts me (even though he has only done work for me once in past) and I trust him. He will get paid when he remembers to send a bill. I will have him do more work soon also (need a brake job).
    Point: ???? Trust. Not everyone is out to screw eveyone else.
  10. DFW Area Landscaper

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    Yup. Huge red flag that he's not willing to pay money down before getting started. Perhaps he was burned by a contractor one time. His problem, not yours. Give him a list of references and move on.

    I won't even mow a lawn without money down or a credit card on file. When people intend to pay you, this isn't a problem.

    DFW Area Landcaper

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