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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by lawnguy86, Oct 18, 2010.

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    I have been in the lawn maintenance industry for 12 years and am now studying marketing at a local university. I am interested to hear about other local lawn/ property maintenance companies’ experiences while serving the community. I want to hear about your worst experiences, best experiences, best practice methods, what does your company need in order to grow, how do you maximize your profit, how do you maintain a positive working environment, handling disgruntled employees? Don’t hold back what is on your mind?
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    You are in the dirt poorest county in Florida. I can't imagine starting a company there from scratch. This might be the only time I would suggest buying an established company. You are going to spend a ton on advertising with little return this time of year. Do you really have your heart set there. I think you would have an easier time in Orlando or Tampa.
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    That's the redneck section of FL...more so then here in GA. I have family that live in Polk. They live a mile off a sand road in the middle of bum...they are about 5 or so miles from the prison.

    Gator wrestling may be an option for you though...that or snake charming.

    In all seriousness, good luck to you and have a bite at my Uncles BBQ joint in town.
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    I thought about expanding into Polk (got offered to mow, trim, blow most of a subdivision) but the County and City (winterhaven) were a pain to try to get to answer simple questions about licensing. Called once.. No no your other city (in another county) license works. Called again.. Nope need to be licensed here AND to do that you need a office/location WITHIN the city.

    Other than Lakeland I don't see much of polk as worth starting a new LCO. There are literally THOUSANDS of them in the area. Heck check lakeland craigslist and see people willing to do $20/MONTH cuts (last time i checked).

    I have a family member in Winterhaven that pays $30/month for mow/trim/blow/bag once a week in summer and guy comes once or twice a month as needed rest of the year. (watering yards with fert= their lawn is still green and growing!)

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