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? Which would you do if you could do it again?

  1. Lawn maintenance

  2. Fert and squirt

  3. landscape and hard good installs

  4. other


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    Started a thread a couple years ago and am curious if LS members still feel the same way. If you could do it over again, would you go into the same line of lawn care work and why. Would you do,
    1) lawn maintenance
    2) fert and squirt
    3) landscape installations
    4) other.

    I do mostly lawn maintenance and believe that in general we have become too cut throat for our own good. Migrant workers are killing my service area in the west suburbs of Chicago and might put me out of business. In order to make a living we often underpay ourselves to get a job or new contract. I am considering getting into the fert and squirt business next year instead of lawn maintenance for the following reasons, do you agree this is a good idea or not;
    1) less competition from other companies, some homeowners still like cutting their own lawns but lack the knowledge to properly fertilize.
    2) less equipment overhead and maintenance
    3) less equipment storage needed
    4) can be as successful or more more successful on your own once you build a client base. Although this would be the difficult part to overcome at startup.
    5) no need for a large vehicle or trailer
    6) no need for a crew of guys unless you have become so successful that you want multiple vehicles in the field.
    7) bad weather wont affect your schedule as much as cutting lawns.
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    Think I would have been a dentist like my parents wanted me to be
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    justmowit style opperation...IMHO

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