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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Woodland, Aug 25, 2010.

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    I've been using Alliance Super Sand for a number of years because thats what is stocked at the distributor where I buy my Techo products. Truth be told, I'm not that happy with it. It is too fine and very hard to get all of the residue off the pavers before activating. Last fall I installed a walkway using a Unilock product and purchased there brand of sand. I was back at that site this past week and was very impressed with the "finished" product, a year later. I think it is a much better product, and I know it was easier to use/install. The problem is, my Unilock distributor is quite a distance from me and I don't use Unilock that often so I would need to buy in bulk which poses a storage problem (although not unsurmountable). There is another paver supplier that is closer than Unilock that carries Techniseal RG+ and a product called Flexlock? Does anyone have any insight as to how these products compare?
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    We only use Techniseal RG+ (or HP for some areas) and have never had a problem. Picked up Alliance one time due to convenience and had a terrible experience. Eventually had to replace with Techniseal and no problems since. Have not tried any other brands.

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