Poly Tank Repair?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by REASON18, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. REASON18

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    Is there anything you can use to repair a crack in the poly chemical tanks that you guys know of? It is a pretty good crack caused by the strap be pulled to tight.

    Or would I be just better off to buy a new tank? Didn't know if there was a cheap fix to repair them or not.
  2. Stillwater

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  3. REASON18

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    Thanks Still...

    How about the JB Weld Putty....anyone have any experience with that?
  4. Ric

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    How good of a repair is depends on the age and Brittleness of the tank. Brand new tanks can be molded with heat and repaired or have add ons. But as the tank ages and get UV light damage they become brittle.

    I have used a HOT GLUE GUN like you find in any craft supply store even Wally World. But I wouldn't recommend it for any big cracks. I use it mostly as a sealing agent around fitting and small cracks. No it isn't a long term fix and needs redone from time to time.

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    I would buy a new tank

    I don't think i would trust a repair

    I have tryed to glue things to my 12 gal poly tank and have not found any thing that i would say stuck to it

    If you sand a poly tank and use JD weld it will stick to it But you can pull it off with a pair of pliers

    Good luck
    Charles Cue
  6. REASON18

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    Thanks for the info guys. I reckon I will end up buying a new tank because the tank is old and somewhat brittle so that sounds like my best bet.
  7. RigglePLC

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    New tank is the best plan of action. However if the hole is not big--you could--just drill a hole and put a pipe fitting in that spot. Put in a valve or pipe cap.

    Also "Gorilla Glue" helped me. I put a filter screen inside my poly tank to keep particles of fert out of the pump outlet. Secured with Gorilla Glue. (Not sure which type), it held fine even though it was under water and had lots of herbicides covering it all year.

    The directions say to use gloves. They are not kidding--near impossible to remove from hands.
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  8. Falcon50EX

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    what size tank and how big of a split. can you send pictures. i can get something to seal it for you but it will take a little time. What i have is what is use to seal aircraft fuel tanks do not ask the new cost but they expire every 6 months and we can not use it. We use them on other things for our selves. Let me know it could make for a backup tank
  9. gebby

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    I'd try JD weld or just good old bondo. Not sure how big your talk is ? I'd hate to have several hundred gallons of mix leaking out. Could be a nightmare under the wrong conditions. Then a new tank is pretty good investment.
  10. rlitman

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    I've used a hot glue gun to attach things to the same type of plastic. The secret, is to have the plastic hot at the same time you're applying the glue. I use a heat gun, and get it just a little hotter than I can touch.
    If you apply the hot glue to a cold surface it can easily be pulled off (just like anything else). Applied to a hot surface, it's pretty darned permanent, but still NOT solvent resistant.
    I tried to fix a cracked gas tank like this once. The fix looked great, but after adding gas, the glued part just dissolved. I ended up grinding out all the hot glue, and welding the poly back together. Tank is as good as new.

    Yeah, if the whole thing is brittle and cracking/crazing all over, it's time to give up.

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