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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnnyjay, Feb 5, 2002.

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    How do you charge customers to cut back and dispose of Pompass Grass? I have looked in the archives and founds nothing on pricing. Last spring I cut back one large pompass grass for a friend and tried different pieces of equipment to see which would work the best. (i.e. Hedge trimmer, weed eater with brush cutter attached; shears, and Chain Saw. The chain saw is the way to go. I used a tarp and dragged the stuff to the back yard about 75 yards for customer to burn later. I had to make about four trips to the back yard dump. This pompass grass was about 4 to 5 feet in diameter.

    Now is the time to cut them back. I see many yards with this grass and thought maybe I could pick up some extra work now and possibly new lawn care customers for this next year.

    Burning is not an option for me. I would have to haul away with landscape trailer to the landfill. Can this be profitable? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Try tying it with twine just above the intended cut and then wrap it on towards the top.Then you have a neat bundle to haul away.The city sanitation dept. will haul away bundles here if it is 5' or shorter and weighs under 50#.As far as a price to do this,just figure your normal hourly rate plus disposal time.Hope this helps a little.Richard
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    I don't really see a problem with it. I have several accounts with the Erianthus Ravenae which grows larger than what you stated, I use headge trimmers then cut some stagen rope and tie it up into bundles and let the yardwaste people pick it up. If they want it hauled away youll have to charge enough to make a profit. Marks Mowing Service
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    What is Pompass Grass? Is that the same as or similar to the Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana) that we have here in Texas. If so, I use a chain saw and hedge trimmers and charge my usual hourly rate. I haul it to our local landfill to get rid of it and charge by the hour for that to.:)
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    The best thing to do with pampas grass is to burn it off. It'll come back great with no dead stems showing. May not be able to do that in bigger towns, but that's how we do it here.

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