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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by micromike, Jan 31, 2003.

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    I have a few questions I haven't seen posted on these threads. I'd appreciate any feedback anyone would like to offer.

    I live next to a private lake which is 27 acres and want to build a pond in my back yard. I have a really nice wooded slope about beginning about 50 feet back from the lake and a fairly level yard. My idea is to build a waterfall on the slope with a pond at the bottom of the waterfall. The waterfall will be about eight feet tall and six feet wide. The pond will will be about four feet deep, about 8 feet wide and ten or twelve feet long. There will be a stream from the pond draining into the lake. I plan on putting a pump in the lake and pumping water to the waterfall. I'll put the pump on a timer and run it for a period of time each day.

    Has anyone else done this? What size pump will I need to pump the water 60 feet and have a nice flow for the waterfall? What size pvc pipe will I need to run from the lake? Will I need to filter the water to manage alge in the pond or will the periodic running of the pump/waterfall take care of any alge problem? Are there other things I need to be aware of? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

    This forum is great and full of inspiration!

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    Here is one thing to think about. If you are using lake water for your water feature, you could have problems keeping your pond nice and clear (if this is a concern to you) Why not just recirculate the pond itself? I use the Aquascape system for all my installs and have virtually no problems with water quality. If we use lake water it is usually for a water fall and stream that drain directly back to the lake, so no real ecosystem is created. Also, you will need to put the pump in some type of wet well or your pump will continuously clog (that ain't what you're shootin' for). If I was you, I would go to the Aquascape web site(www.aquascapedesigns.com) and e-mail them what you want to do. They will make reccomendations and give you a materials list as to pump size, plumbing size etc. of their products. I encourage you to use this system. Very few problems, great support.
    I hope this helps some!

    Keep the faith.... Pondman

    p.s. Are you going to have fish in your pond? If so the pump needs to run 24/7 for proper circulation and aeration. If the pump will be shup off, you need some type of aerator to run so your fish will breathe. Building ponds and water falls isn't rocket science, but there is a right and wrong way, many wrong ways to build one. Do it right the first time, it'll save you a bundle!
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