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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by BoB335, Aug 20, 2004.

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    I'd like to build a pond/watergarden in my yard. I've been researching for a long time. I thought I would ask the questions here BEFORE I build it this way if it comes out lousy I can blame all of you instead of you telling me how awful it looks. :blob2: :blob2: :blob2:
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    I like you style BoB335 Go to Aquascapesdesigns.com for the 2- step building process that should get you started
  3. BoB335

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    Went to Aquascapesdesigns.com and couldn't find the 2 step thingy but I read a lot of good articles there concerning their product. Interestingly I happened upon a dealer 2-3 days ago and checked out their product. Great selling hype. I believe the Savio products seem better built. I was looking intently at Pond Sweep before I saw Savio.

    Looking to do a pond/watergarden. Meaning I like the look of the water garden but want fish. Maybe a couple of Koi. I was researching a lot last year and I kept moving in the direction of koi and more expense in the install to the point of my head spinning. backed off the projest. (Actually a lot of other projects/priorities) Recently visited my niece which expanded her pond from last year. Got the itch all over again.

    Looking to go aroung 11x16. 4' in the deepest part. Kidney shaped with a falls. (I have a link I will find that has a layout that I liked) Skimmer, biofalls, BOTTOM DRAIN. Undecided about in skimmer pump vs. external pump. I have what I think is a great corner in my yard. Will see the best angle from my 8 1/2' window in living room, kitchen window over the sink, sliding glass door in eating area, and deck outside that sliding glass door.

    I will try to borrow my friend's digital camera to show pics of placement.

    The "Great Rocks" debate continues in my head. After looking at Vic's pond I am considering only one step in shelving for plants and then going deep and wide instead of continuing stepping down to the deep part.

    Another link I will find is a beautiful water garde/koi pond I saw online whick shows their filter setup which I would like imput on.

  4. BoB335

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    Beautiful Koi Pond!!!


    Pond Planner last page shows kidney shaped pond. I've thought all along I would go with that only modified to a depth of 4' with a bottom drain under the liner. Thinking about the two falls now that I am cosidering the Savio unit. The bio unit comes as a falls OR as an enclosed unit with a 2" outlet. I'm thinking of going with the 2"outlet and splitting it to a small bio pond dripping into a falls while the second falls could be just a tricle.

    http://www.pondsweep.com/downloads/Pond planner 2003.pdf
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    Thanks for the links.
  6. Victor

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    I'd either make a koi pond, or a water garden. When you blend design qualities from the two together, you usually wind up with less than desirable results. Water gardens normally have shelves like you said you wanted to design into your pond. I really don't like the idea of putting shelves in a pond that houses koi.

    1. predators will have a place to comfortably stand, while they destroy your koi population
    2. place for koi waste and other debris to build up out of bottom drain's reach
    3. plants normally don't fair well when koi are present

    Koi like a lot of water movement and most water plants don't. Plant foliage that's either breaking the surface, or on the surface of your pond will render your skimmer, or skimmers ineffective.

    If you want to make this pond as large as you said and in a kidney shape, you're going to be better off if you install a bottom drain in each of the halves of the pond. Think of the pond as having two seperate circles and you're going to want to have a drain that will pull debris from each of the two circles (each of your two circles will be close to 10 sq. feet).

    Now...... I noticed you want to build this pond, so that it's 16x11 feet in size. I like the 16 foot length, but I don't like your idea of making your pond 11 feet wide. I'd keep it right at 9 feet, or less wide.

    1. If you have to net a fish out of the pond, you're gonna hate yourself if you make your pond too wide.
    2. It's a good idea to have 1 bottom drain for every 10 sq. feet of pond bottom surface area. By limiting the diameter of each half of your kidney shaped pond to 9 feet, your bottom drains will be able to draw debris from all of the areas of your pond floor.

    The last change I would make would be to make your pond 5 feet deep at the bottom drains instead of 4 feet.

    I didn't see the filter system you mentioned, but I would highly recommend staying away from a home made filter design. I'd strongly recommend going with a high quality store bought filter system.

    I hope I helped. Any more questions?

  7. BoB335

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    Hey Vic,

    Thanks for the imput. I was just discussing going with 2 bottom drains with someone else.
    I'm not up on Koi at all but this pond I've been looking at and hoping to see in person looks quite clear, has plants (but no shelves), Has some pretty happy looking Koi, Bottom drain, skimmer, and home made filter system (operating rather energy efficient) and has the look of a water garden (and a rather nice one at that) and is 7 years in the running. If you have time I would like you to check out the info on the site and comment.


    In the meantime I sent away for for cd by some guy Greg that's suppose to have a lot of good info.

  8. BoB335

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  9. Victor

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    Those are pressurized filters Bob. I think non pressurized filters do a much better job of filtering the water.

  10. BoB335

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    "I'd strongly recommend going with a high quality store bought filter system.

    I hope I helped. Any more questions?"


    And what "High quality store bought filter system" would you go with?

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