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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by new2country, May 29, 2005.

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    hello! my bf and i just relocated from the city to the country and we're trying to rehab the farmette we bought. we need some advice on the care of our pond. it's man made, no liner, about 1/3 of an acre with a 10 inch pipe for drainage. it's overgrown with cattails and what we think is creeping primrose. so far we're just raking out the primrose and pulling out the cattails. is there any other way to make sure the pond doesn't get overgrown again? or do we just keep pulling these plants out all summer?

    there are some fish and frogs in the pond as well. should we use any sort of cleaner in it? our neighbors told us to use aquashade?

    any advice (words, books, links!) on how to maintain our pond would be great!!!

  2. Kate Butler

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    You must realize that it is a cattails' mission in life to take a body of water and turn it into land (marshy, but land nevertheless). If you love the look of 'em, you must be prepared to ream them out on a regular basis. You must also get the roots of as many as possible or they will just regrow. There are aquatic herbicides on the market, but I'm not sure what is available to the (non-licensed) homeowner.

    Aquashade usually works to cut down on algae growth, although some folks don't care for the ultra-dark look of the water.
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    thanks for the info!!
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    Try this site , http://pested.osu.edu/commstudy.html . Click on 3a as it will contain the information that you are looking for .
    If that doesn't get you there go to the Ohio Department of Agriculture home page and follow the links for study materials for the Commercial Applicator .
    If I was in no great hurry I would buy some Triploid White Amur ( Grass Carp ) and let them do the work for me . :waving:

    Big Hoss

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