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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by bbrown9506, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Pond Edging, as any amateur ponder knows is one of the hardest parts of building a pond IMHO! I had used broken up concrete from a old patio I took out with a sledgehammer to edge most of my pond! And was pretty happy with the results as the plants and landscape started growing in. Well as happy as any tinkering pond'er can be! LOL.......

    So Here is the results, I took out the concrete rocks lining the stream, and added River Rock to the Banks to allow the plants to grow down and try and get a more natural look to my pond....And after doing so I think it does look 100 times better....I will work on some more edging soon....I had tried sticking peices of moss and other ground covers in between rocks to hide liner in spots, and it has worked in spot and failed in others. Some drying out before taking off, others loving it and growing like carazy! Below is the Message from the Kind People at Amazing Aquascapes whose free help was more then I could have asked for. Thanks Guys.

    CHECK Out the Photos and Post on my Blog
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    looks good. i like the rock stream/
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    not sure what Ill do next-I got a few ideas! lol check back and see em later
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    bbrown, the beautiful flower is called a passion flower, a religious flower the y in the middle is jesus on the cross, I have 10 of them. Other name is passiflori.

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