Pond liner coming away from edge...

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by eruuska, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. eruuska

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    I've got a customer with a pond (I have no pond experience) where the liner has sagged down a little and leaving the turf nearby pretty soggy. He's asking me to fix it.

    Seems to me that I'd just remove the anchor rocks around the edge, pull the liner back into its original position, and put the rocks back. Can anything else be used to further anchor the liner in place so it doesn't happen again?

  2. jd boy

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    if there is enough liner above the water's edge you can use sod pins to tack it in place. then backfill or put stone back on top to hold everything
  3. n2h20

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    i would try to drain it down, remove the edging, pull the liner back up as far as you can get it (if thats not far enough backfill the area a littel to ",make more liner") then recement the edge stone in place.
    IF its a gravel filled pond just drain it and pull the liner back up and re gravel.

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