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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by mike995, Sep 14, 2010.

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    What up guys.Just wondering Im thinking of putting a pond in my backyard.Around 100x50,and my question is can I get away with using a liner?I figure one that size could get expensive.The soil is clay and rock if that helps..Thanks
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    I have woundered the same for a few years now, All Of my yard is blue or red clay packs in like concrete, When excavting the hillside to flaten out the ground I hit a couple areas and water would fill my hole quick even running a trash pump wouldnt keep up with it. This past spring I dug a hole about 5' wide, 10' long x 4' deep after first rain its held water all summer long droping about 6" in depth, My plan is for a horseshoe shaped pond or a pond with a walkway out to an island in the middle with a gazzebo or something like it.

    Come to think of it we was always having to add water in our 500 gallon pond with a liner, there would have been much more water loss in that pond than in this hole I dug out as an experment.
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    It really is dependent on the geology of your area. How fast does the soil presently drain? How deep is the water table?

    Based on just the info in your post, either a liner would be called for or you can over-excavate and refill with a compacted layer of pure clay or a clayey loam with Bentonite added. In the end, a liner is probably the least expensive way to go. You might consider using Polyethylene liner instead of EPDM. It is cheaper, but a little harder to handle.

    If you have a high water table with poor drainage, then all you will need to do is dig the hole. It will fill on it's own, much like what LoweJ82 has.
  4. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

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    Did this 500 gal pond have a watrefall with splash?

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