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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by jcthorne, Oct 2, 2007.

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    First of all let me say, I have no pond experience and have very little interest in learning how to install them. I do commercial maintenance exclusively and have never really had the need to learn about them until now.

    I've got a very large account that has just built 2 new locations and one of the locations has an 8x8 pond with a waterfall. They want fish and aquatic plants in the pond and want to include the pond maintenance in their contract. They have 16 locations and each location averages $600 per month and I don't want to create a window for another company to get a shot at the other locations so I need to make sure that I'm on top of this pond.

    My questions to the experts are........

    Do you have a set maintenance program that you offer to customers?

    If so, what does it include and how many times per month or year do you schedule routine maintenance?

    This is a commercail customer and they will not do anything in regards to maintenance. It will be strictly up to one of my crews to maintain the pond.

    We visit 36 times a year which includes weekly visits during the growing season then every 2 weeks during winter.

    Price is not really an issue but I need advice on a good program to follow.

    We are in Memphis and it does get below freezing but not for extended periods of time.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I do alot of regular maintenance. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service.
    I clean the filters, pump intakes and skimmers
    net debris, trim and fertilize pond plants.
    Treat water as needed.
    Salt pond in winter if heavy fish load.
    Change any pond lights.
    Water changes, 10% weekly if possible.
    Stir up bottom if possible.
    Add plants and fish if requested.

    Depending on location, size and setup you may be able to get away with twice a month service. In the winter time, if there are a lot of trees, you may want to stop by weekly to remove leaves that may have fallen into the ponds. More leaves in the winter usually mean more algae in the spring.
    a standard 10x12 foot pond with good equipment will start around the $50 a visit range and go up according to size, fish stock, location, and equipment.
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    This is why a good design pays for itself with minimal maintenance.

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