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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by just pondering, Jun 30, 2011.

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    See posts 18,19 and 20 in the Koi, Direct Sunlight thread. A little inside humor.
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    Thank you for all the info. The market here in Michigan is slow and with me working just to pay employee's does not make sense, But I want to stay in the trade I just need to make the right business decision.

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    If you don't mind me asking what are some of you charging for monthly and weekly pond maintenance and what do you charge for repairs? Do you charge a service fee along with a hourly charge plus parts.

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    I don't do weekly calls I do do monthly contracts though. Everything is based on a hourly charge w a first hour fuel charge. Installs I base pricing on the job and rarely break it down. My hourly charge is 55 per hour and I add a fuel charge anywhere between 35 and 50 dollars depending on location on the first hour of work plus materials. Monthly contracts are dependent on what the job in tells I have some that are 200 dollars a month and some that are 100..
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    This just continues to illustrate what I said previously about demographics. I'm sure that these rates are standard for this part of the mid-west, but they would never fly in this part of the country.
    I also do not do weekly calls. Mine are all monthly at the moment, but I do offer quarterly as an option. My most expensive contract is $100/month, the rest are $75/mth. (BIG difference from Turner). These service contracts cover all the maintenance items or procedures that may occur during a year's time including annual clean-outs (if necessary) and FULL water quality tests on a quarterly basis. Parts and supplies are billed extra. I do not impose a gas surcharge, but will probably adjust my base rates this Fall.
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    Several of the larger commercial outfits down here have there monthly contracts set up at 200-500 a month here, based on size and type of services preformed. I only know that b/c a good friend of mine heads one of the crews. And all they really do is regular cleaning, maint.

    Like Tad said about demographics, fuel is more expensive in certain areas, etc. Also i believe that a large part of contracts are due to the general popularity and desire in areas for ponds. We actually don't have all that much of a want here in AR.
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