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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by mdlwn1, Jun 20, 2007.

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    I have recently taken a job at a large residence. One of the many new install problems is 2 ponds connected by a stream. No filter, a few cattails, and a couple of lilys. NOTHING has been done! Both pumps 11,000 gph have burned out from pumping dirt and sediment/algae. My pump well is gravity fed from the lower pond and no longer fills at more than 3-4000 gph...its clogged. At the intake in the pond I am told I have 2 tandem loads of gravel as a "filter". Aside from the immediate problem, What does one do to deal with 300,000 gallons? Chemicles? Filter? Plants?
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    http://www.clean-flo.com/lake-aeration.html This type of aeration system is a good bet if your system is that big. About the best you can do, is to aerate it and use dye to help keep the algae under control. You also could plant this pond. Just some options. You won't be able to afford a conventional filtration system for a pond this size. You're going to have to obtain acceptable water quality via other means friend.

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